M-1 And You’re Done!

By Jennifer Kramer, APR, Senior Strategic Communications Manager

M-1® Universal Adhesive/Sealant is Chem Link’s flagship polyether product. Designed for bonding and sealing a wide variety of building materials, it can be used on PVC, EPDM, most metals, wood, glass, masonry concrete, fiberglass and solvent sensitive foams. It works in almost any situation that requires a kit. In addition, M-1 is a solvent-free, versatile product with the ability to form a tight, watertight seal on most roofing materials.

M-1 is typically used for flashing, coping, skylights, and HVAC applications, as well as an emergency repair kit for temporary leak repair. It delivers a shear strength of nearly 400 psi and remains elastic after curing – up to 525% elongation, so it also acts as a structural adhesive.

M-1 covers the envelope of the building

Watch M-1 in action:

Following Chem Link’s commitment to sustainability, M-1 is safe for workers, residents and the environment. What does that mean?

  • It is non-toxic, so there is no need to clear the building when working with Chem Link’s green products.
  • There are no carcinogens, so it is safe for all building users.

Advantages of M-1:

  • It attaches to almost anything, so you can use it anywhere!
  • It contains 100% solids that do not shrink.
  • Because it is moisture curing, you can use it in the rain for emergency roofs or other applications such as leaking condensate pans or swimming pools.
  • It is paintable and available in numerous color choices as well as a true clear option.
  • It is both an adhesive and a sealant.
  • It falls over in just 20 minutes and is non-flammable, does not smudge, does not sag or collapse.
  • Applies to 32°F/0°C
  • Continuous service at 200°F/93°C

M-1 is made in the USA, as are most of Chem Link’s raw materials – the polymers, the cartridges and the boxes.

M-1 is available in 10.1 oz. and 28 oz. cartridges, 20 oz. sausages, and 5 oz. squeeze tubes; 2 and 5 gallon buckets are available by special order.

* For complete installation instructions, refer to the technical sheets available at chemlink.com.

Project profile

AMAZON bulbs


Amazon created a unique vision for its headquarters in Seattle, Washington, featuring three bulbous greenhouses filled with living plants and trees. To promote the philosophy of living green space, M-1 was selected as a key product in construction for its high-quality, solvent-free, environmentally friendly properties.

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