LG collaborates with Sense to offer customers detailed data on solar generation, power usage

LG Electronics today announced its partnership with Sense, the leading provider of home energy monitors, to provide LG residential solar customers with detailed, real-time data on their home’s solar generation and power consumption down to the device level using the Sense Solar Home Energy monitor.

Consumers have little insight into their daily electricity consumption and how the use of different devices can affect their bills. Complex utility structures that charge different prices for electricity consumed at different times of the day make it even more challenging. With the combination of LG Solar and Sense Solar, consumers now have access to how much power their solar panel generates, how much energy their home uses and what the value of that power is in real time. This information helps consumers to make smarter choices about their energy consumption and consumption behavior.

“LG’s partnership with Sense is a critical foundation for smarter home energy management,” said Brian Lynch, head of solar energy development at LG Business Solutions USA. “As families across the country face high energy costs associated with staying at home and tariff increases, they are increasingly seeking control over their energy bills. Sense Solar distils complex information about a home’s energy consumption into tangible, actionable data to modify behavior. Combined with LG’s highly efficient, sustainable solar technology, homeowners now have the information at their fingertips to make smart choices that can help them make the most of their solar investment and be more self-reliant. “

After a quick installation in a home’s electrical panel, Sense Solar uses sensors to read electrical current thousands of times per second, and the artificial intelligence learns to identify and track their activity, including devices such as washing machines, entertainment systems, treadmills, and more. chargers for electric vehicles. This information is displayed in the Sense app in real time, with typical latencies of less than a second, so homeowners can see devices as they turn on and off, know how much power is being used, by what equipment, and the associated costs.

In conjunction with the installation of LG’s AC solar panels, the Sense app also shows the amount of power generated by the home’s solar panels. Sense also connects seamlessly with LG EnerVu2 energy monitoring app to enhance the functionality and performance of the built-in LG software solution. More product enhancements are planned to meet the needs of solar energy partners in key markets, including revenue-level accuracy compliance.

The real-time, detailed insights provided by Sense help consumers make informed decisions about their energy consumption, while also increasing home awareness by detecting potential problems. For example, the user can configure Sense to notify them when their energy consumption is higher than normal or when there is a particular problem, such as a pump pump running too long. With these insights, Sense customers have saved hundreds and even thousands of dollars on their electricity bills.

“Consumers are increasingly seeing solar as part of a whole-home energy solution rather than a standalone product,” said Gabe Abbott, vice president of strategic partnerships at Sense. “By providing insight into both solar production and energy consumption in an intuitive interface, solar energy suppliers can help consumers realize the full savings potential of their investment, especially as they face complex energy tariffs. With this innovation, LG and Sense are helping solar energy suppliers build sustainable partnerships with their customers and grow their businesses in the years to come. “

LG solar installations are now available with Sense and homeowners can discuss all options with an LG expert through the LG Solar Concierge Service, including a free evaluation, in conjunction with their chosen installer.

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