Lena Headey looks completely different on The White House Plumbers set

Lena Headey and Woody Harrelson movie scene for The White House Plumbers

Lena is transported to the 70s with an old-fashioned look (Picture: Christopher Peterson / SplashNews.com)

Lena Headey has undergone a massive transformation for the upcoming Watergate drama The White House Plumbers, trading the medieval fashion of Game of Thrones for the signature style of the 1970s.

Premiering on HBO, The White House Plumbers is a political drama based on the 2007 novel Integrity by Egil Krogh and Matthew Krogh, and tells the story of the White House “Plumbers” whose job it was to provide classified information. to prevent. not be leaked to the media.

The White House Special Investigations Unit, as they were officially called, was created during Richard Nixon’s presidency and eventually became entangled in the Watergate scandal.

In the TV series, Woody E plays Howard Hunt, one of Nixon’s “plumbers,” and Lena plays his wife, Dorothy Hunt, who was a former CIA agent.

They are joined in the drama by Justin Theroux as G Gordon Liddy, another member of the White House Plumbers, and Domhnall Gleeson as John Dean, who served as the White House Counsel for Nixon during his presidency.

In new photos released from the set in Albany, New York, Lena was spotted filming the show in a sky blue A-line dress, with her hair styled in perfectly coiffed curls.

Lena Headey on the set of The White House Plumbers

Last minute line check? (Photo: Christopher Peterson/SplashNews.com)
Keeping cool is key (Picture: Christopher Peterson / SplashNews.com)
Lena chats animatedly with others on set (Picture: Christopher Peterson / SplashNews.com)

In another image taken in between takes, she stands on the curb, seemingly checking her lines while holding a cigarette.

One of the photos of the on-screen couple Lena and Woody filming a scene in a car shows Lena keeping herself cool with a fan while looking at her opponent with a serious expression on her face.

Woody keeps it casual when he arrives on set (Picture: Christopher Peterson / SplashNews.com)
Woody’s ensemble even matches his Pontiac (Picture: Christopher Peterson / SplashNews.com)

Hunger Games star Woody arrived on set looking very understated, donning a tank top and shorts while cycling.

He was then seen filming with Lena in a jacket, brown pants and straw hat, with his ensemble coincidentally matching the olive green Pontiac.

Woody laughs as Lena smokes a cigarette in the background (Photo: Christopher Peterson / SplashNews.com)
A paragraph appears to have been crossed out on the paper Lena is holding (Photo: Christopher Peterson / SplashNews.com)
We’re not sure if those slippers will make it to the show (Picture: Christopher Peterson / SplashNews.com)

the other day, Justin and Domhnall were also photographed during the filming of the drama, with the latter sporting a huge mustache and retro shades.

Domnhall looked sleek as the former lawyer, dressed in a waistcoat and tie while a stern look appeared on his face

In a candid moment, Justin was spotted having a kinwag with Woody, with the couple on the sidewalk while Justin held on to the leash for his dog.

Another image captured the actors sharing a hug, with Justin beaming as Woody wrapped his arms around him. See the article : U.A.E. Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Services Market | 2021-05-27 | Press Releases.

All four actors have worked with HBO in the past, starring Lena in Game of Thrones, Woody in True Detective, Justin in The Leftovers and Domhnall in Run.

The White House Plumbers was conceived and written by Alex Gregory and Peter Huyck and is directed by David Mandel.

The White House Plumbers premieres on HBO.

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