Laticrete offers preview for Coverings 2021

Hydro Barrier Plus
Laticrete’s Hydro Barrier Plus and Hydro Ban XP

Bethany, Conn.-Laticrete will showcase its latest product solutions and innovations at Coverings 2021, including the upcoming Hydro Barrier Plus and Hydro Ban XP waterproofing and crack insulation membranes.

During the show, Laticrete said it will offer product demonstrations on how top contracting professionals handle a variety of challenging tile installations and learn about alternatives to help reduce staggering injury and illness stats in the physically demanding construction industry.

“There’s nothing quite like the energy and excitement of live demonstrations on the floor of the Coverings show,” said Sean Boyle, senior vice president, marketing and channel management, Laticrete. “After more than a year of social distancing and virtual encounters, we are excited to be back at full strength and getting started with 10 captivating demonstrations. Our expert team of engineers, product developers and scientists has gone full steam ahead to bring our innovative solutions to life that address key opportunities in the construction industry, including a hands-on approach to educating our staff on best practice in construction. health and safety.”

Laticrete is a key presenter of the National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA) guided contractor tours where attendees can interact exclusively with products on display at the show, the company said. In appreciation of the company’s loyal customer base, Laticrete will also sponsor the Coverings Lounge Giveaways, where guests will have the chance to win a variety of unique prizes, Laticrete said.

Following are the products that Laticrete will showcase at Coverings 2021.

Products to be exhibited

  • Strata heating system: The new and improved Strata Heat system is an electric underfloor heating system that aims to increase thermal heat diffusion by 20%, reduce energy costs by up to 15% and minimize cold spots to make homes more comfortable (when the thermal package is used) . New features include productivity-based Spliceless Wire, Translucent Mat, and Thermal Pack.
  • Spectra slot 1: Spectralock 1 is a premixed, stain resistant grout with the performance of an epoxy. The product is designed to provide strength at 3,500 psi, the ability to be submerged, and a fast cure rate to help installers complete long-lasting projects faster. The grout is also intended to provide versatility and color consistency. Spectralock 1 exceeds all standards under ANSI A118.3 according to Laticrete.
  • NXT Level Plus and NXT Level Flow: Laticrete has recently expanded its NXT product line with the introduction of two high performance self-levelling underlayments (SLU): NXT Level Plus and NXT Level Flow. According to Laticrete, NXT Level Plus pours over more degraded substrates and eliminates extra steps, labor, materials and time. It can be applied to plywood, oriented strand board (OSB) and plaster, without the need to install a batten. NXT Level Flow offers pumpable, easy to use and high flow benefits and is designed to meet the demand for entry level self-leveling underlayment projects.
  • Hydro Barrier Plus and Hydro Ban: Laticrete has expanded its line of waterproofing and crack insulation membranes with Hydro Barrier Plus and Hydro Ban XP. Hydro Barrier Plus is a thin, load-bearing, self-curing, liquid rubber polymer designed to form a flexible, seamless waterproofing, rupture-resistant membrane without the need for waterproof fabric. Hydro Ban XP is designed to capture the benefits of Hydro Ban, with a faster cure time and a lifetime warranty, but offers more extreme performance for a wider variety of conditions, such as lower to higher temperatures.
  • Skim Lite: Skim Lite is a new fast-drying, polymer-modified, cement-based underlayment for topcoating, smoothing and leveling prior to floor application. Skim Lite is designed to provide the customer with lightweight properties while maintaining a strong surface. For installer safety, Laticrete says the product does not contain levels of respirable crystalline silica that exceed the OSHA action level. Suitable substrates include concrete, oriented strand board (OSB), plywood and vinyl tile.
  • Multimax Lite: Multimax Lite, the one-step, non-sag, large and heavy duty tile mortar for indoor and outdoor installations of ceramic tile, porcelain tile, glass tile and stone and has received multiple certifications and certifications for sustainable living. Multimax Lite exceeds ANSI A118.15, the industry’s highest performance standard for a cement-based adhesive mortar, and is lightweight for easier transportation.
  • Glass Tile Glue Lite: Glass Tile Adhesive Lite is a high-performance, lightweight, non-sag, polymer-reinforced adhesive mortar formulated for use in glass tile applications. According to Laticrete, the adhesive contains no respirable crystalline silica content that exceeds the OSHA action level, is ultra-white in color and unsanded with a smooth, easy-to-apply consistency and extended open time for easy installation. The robust formula provides high bond strength and exceeds the requirements of ANSI A118.15. At 12.5 pounds, Glass Tile Adhesive Lite weighs half the weight of a traditional thin set, making it easier to transport and handle.

Product demo schedule

wednesday july 7

1:30 PM Strata Heat System: How Strata Heat simplified the underfloor heating installation process.

2:00pm Spectralock 1: Hands-on training for the industry’s only epoxy performance premixed grout

3:30 PM NXT Level Plus and NXT Level Flow: Learn how the NXT product line can meet any self-leveling need.

4:00 in the afternoon. Hydro Barrier Plus and Hydro Ban XP: the newest members of the waterproofing membrane family

Training schedule

Thursday July 8

11:30 Skim Lite: The future of grading and grading

12:00pm Spectralock 1: Hands-on training for the industry’s only epoxy performance premixed grout.

2:00. Hydro Barrier Plus and Hydro Ban XP: Added the newest members to the waterproofing membrane family.

2.30pm Multimax Lite and Glass Tile Adhesive Lite: The latest in lightweight, high performance adhesives.

Friday 9 July

10:30am Strata Heat System: See how Strata Hear has simplified the underfloor heating installation process.

11:00 a.m. Spectralock 1: Hands-on training for the industry’s only epoxy performance premixed grout.

Coverings 2021 is hosted in Orlando, Fla. To register, click on here.

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