Laticrete introduces crack isolation solution

Laticrete water crack insulation Bethany, Conn. – Laticrete launched the masonry veneer installation system Water Crack Insulation (MVIS WCI).

According to the company, MVIS WCI is a crack insulation solution designed to extend service life thanks to the outer protective shield when used with air barrier systems. The product is a one-component, load-bearing, liquid applied, bulk water management and crack insulation membrane that aims to produce a seamless, monolithic elastomeric coating designed to bond with a wide variety of concrete and cement substrates.

“MVIS WCI has been carefully designed to provide the end user with peace of mind and protection against the harshest elements, making it necessary to avoid expensive repairs on the road,” said Dustin Prevete, senior product manager at Laticrete. “As Laticrete continues to evolve in the masonry veneer market, MVIS WCI provides an effective solution to provide superior crack insulation, excellent bond strength and water resistance, preventing in-plane movement through finished materials and preventing bulk water migration throughout the entire system. . “

MVIS WCI is a low VOC, self-curing, water-based formula with antimicrobial technology designed to prevent mold and mildew formation. Used in construction where air barrier and drainage surfaces are needed to improve building efficiency and durability, the company said MVIS WCI is solvent-free, non-flammable, and exceeds A118.12 standards.

The new membrane has a light color, which makes for an easier inspection process, says Laticrete. Additionally, Laticrete said it has color-changing technology to visibly show when it has cured and bridges up to ¼-inch (6mm) gaps in the casing board joints with waterproofing and shatter-resistant fabric. MVIS WCI is available in an 18.9 liter bucket and has a coverage of approximately 75 meters.

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