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laticreteBethany, Conn.- Laticrete has expanded its portfolio of best-in-class waterproofing and crack insulation membrane with the addition of two new products: Hydro Ban XP and Hydro Barrier Plus. Hydro Ban XP is the line’s premium offering, designed to include all of the benefits of Hydro Ban, such as faster cure time and a lifetime warranty, but offers more extreme performance for a wider variety of conditions, such as substrate temperatures as low as 35°F to extremely high temperatures in steam showers and steam cabins. Hydro Barrier Plus is a thin, load-bearing, self-curing, liquid rubber polymer that forms a flexible, seamless, waterproof, anti-rupture membrane without the need for fabric reinforcement.

“Construction professionals are increasingly looking for high-performance waterproofing membranes that deliver fast results,” said Dustin Prevete, senior product manager at Laticrete. “The new Hydro Ban XP and Hydro Barrier Plus are advanced waterproofing membranes that save time, labor and materials for increased productivity in the workplace. As additions to the Hydro Ban line, both new products are part of a three-pronged approach that gives consumers a true best-better-good structure with Hydro Ban XP (best), Hydro Ban (better) and Hydro Barrier Plus (good) .”

Hydro Ban XP is designed to be used in all waterproofing applications and offers enhanced benefits of the original Hydro Ban. The new lighter color aids visibility for inspection in dimly lit areas and provides better contrast for chalk and laser levels. The product meets or exceeds the requirements for both waterproofing and crack insulation up to ⅛-inch and is easy to apply without the use of special tools or fabric. Hydro Ban XP meets building codes nationwide and can be applied and flood tested on the same day, ensuring quality and performance. The product also has a load bearing “extra heavy” service rating according to ASTM C627 and does not require the use of harsh chemicals.

Hydro Barrier Plus is an improved version of the existing Hydro Barrier formula, with several major upgrades. The first and the most impactful is that it no longer requires the use of waterproofing fabric as part of the installation process. In addition, it also has an improved time to flood test of 12 hours, instead of 24 hours. To provide greater peace of mind, the warranty has been doubled to 10 years and Microban antimicrobial protection has been added.

Each offering in the Hydro Barrier line is easy to use, meets or exceeds ANSI A118.10 and ANSI A118.12, features color-changing technology and offers installers peace of mind with durable and long-lasting performance. Suitable substrates include concrete, cement mortar beds, exterior adhesive plywood, gypsum wallboard, ceramic tile and stone, concrete and brick masonry, cement terrazzo, cement base and cement plaster. With a wide range of applications such as in swimming pools, fountains, shower trays, spas, patios, countertops, facades, bathrooms, laundries and more, Hydro Ban XP and Hydro Barrier Plus allow for use on more project specifications than ever before. before.

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