Last Podcast Soul Plumber Comic Coming from DC

The guys behind my favorite podcast, Latest podcast on the left, have already ventured into the publishing world. (See also: my review of Last book on the left.) They have also, through the magic of fan art, reinvented themselves as cartoon characters. Now, with the help of DC Comics, they are combining those two things in soul plumber, a Latest Podcast comic book series.

Again, a refresher on all things Latest podcast

I think official channels describe most often Latest podcast on the left like a real crime podcast. While that certainly covers much of their output to date, it’s not all. They’ve also included episodes, for example, on topics as diverse as the development and spread of the bubonic plague in the mid-1300s to Gef the Talking Mongoose, an alleged phantom mammal. (He did it for the devil.)

The podcast’s success has led to live shows and merchandising opportunities. They have an official coffee blend via Spring-Heel’d Jack. They’ve also entered the weed trade, selling vapes that help gain advantage The Last Prisoner Project, a nonprofit organization that aims to free people in prison for marijuana-related crimes.

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Latest Podcast Soul Plumber Comedy series coming this fall

latest podcast soul plumberimage via DC Comics

The series, which starts on October 5, consists of six issues. And despite the propensity of the hosts of the Last Podcast to appear in fan art, they’re actually not the focus of the series. On the same subject : Borders plumber gets OGTC backing to develop pipe repair tech. Instead, it becomes a fictional story, which sounds hilariously like a lower-class version of disaster. Just check out the official plot description:

“Edgar Wiggins, a disgraced former seminary student, is desperate for a way to answer what he believes is his higher calling. He thinks he found it during a seminar in a hotel conference room by the Soul Plumbers, who have a machine that could be the secret to redeeming souls from Satan. Edgar is too broke to buy in, but that’s not enough to stop this true devotee: he steals the blueprints and builds a pirated version with the components he can afford from his gas station attendant salary. Then he chases after a demon, misses… and eventually pulls out something far worse.”

John McCrea, known for his collaborations with Garth Ennis, including the infamous The boys spin-off mini-series Herogasm, does the artwork. DC will be releasing the series as part of their DC Horror imprint. It will be available in comic book stores and as a download to DC Universe Infinite subscribers.

Latest Podcast Soul Plumber will be available on October 5, 2021.

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featured image via DC Comics

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