KOMBI platforms enable easy access for HVAC maintenance at Melbourne hospital

The Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Center (VCCC) in Melbourne, VIC represents an alliance of several specialist cancer hospitals and research centers. The building has a network of connecting link bridges between the old and new construction.

The heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) installations on the roof required an access system that could be used regularly to perform regular maintenance.

Since elevators to the roof were the only access, the HVAC access systems had to be modular and easy to transport. In addition, the systems would be located in a confined space, requiring designs that meet specific measurements.

Given the rooftop access and location restrictions, Sayfa Group’s KOMBI continuous access platforms were the perfect solution. Because it has a modular design, the access system can be brought to the site in separate components and assembled around the HVAC installation on site.

The KOMBI systems can also be customized during installation to accommodate different fan heights and limited space. Sayfa’s technical team provided advice, assistance and support throughout the project, with the installation of the first section done in conjunction with the installer, Signal & Hobbs.

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