Kipp & Zonen releases latest pyranometer with integrated heating

Kipp & Zonen, a product brand of OTT HydroMet, introduces the new ISO and IEC compliant SMP12, a Class A pyranometer that delivers integrated heating with no moving parts and best-in-class surge protection.

OTT HydroMet scientists and engineers focused on making the new instrument fully compliant with the highest class of ISO 9060:2018 and created a “spectrally flat, fast response Class-A pyranometer.” The integrated heater based on solid-state technology with no moving parts makes the SMP12 IEC 61724-1:2021 Class A compliant under all conditions, while reducing maintenance needs and the risk of failure.

Enhanced surge protection helps facility operators reduce the impact of poor grounding and finicky power sources on their monitoring system. The SMP12 is designed to reduce failure risks, avoid costly on-site replacements and maintain performance with a rock-solid industry-leading mean time between failure (MTBF) of over 10 years.

The SMP12 comes with a single glass dome that is heated to prevent morning dew and frost from interfering with measurement accuracy. The quartz diffuser acts as a second dome and provides excellent directional response, the diffuser combined with the miniature thermopile provides a very fast response time of less than 0.5 seconds. This allows the SMP12 to carry the label “fast response pyranometer” in addition to class A according to ISO 9060:2018. In addition, the use of the diffuser reduces the sensitivity of the instrument to thermal zero shifts and allows internal heating without moving parts.

“After the launch of pyranometers with diffuser technology in 2016 at the Kipp & Zonen Razon+, it was a challenge to further develop the technology and design a model that fully meets the strict requirement for spectrally flat pyranometers of the highest class of ISO 9060 We are proud to announce today that we have succeeded”, says Joop Mes, Senior Scientist at OTT HydroMet Delft.

The SMP12 comes with two integrated features that help maintain the long-term reliability of your measurements. The integrated tilt sensor monitors the installation angle of the pyranometer and detects any movement that might occur over time and the quality of the impact measurement. The internal humidity sensor ensures that the measurement performance of the SMP12 is not affected by humidity.

To make installation as simple as possible, OTT HydroMet equipped the Kipp & Zonen SMP12 with industry standard RS-485 connectivity and the Modbus protocol which allows easy integration with all data loggers and SCADA systems, as well as any device from OTT HydroMet’s solar monitoring portfolio.

An additional function is the tilt angle sensor to monitor the installation of the tilt angle up to ±0.5°. Over the months and years, installation angles may vary slightly resulting in drift readings. Knowing the exact tilt angle helps improve the long-term reliability of data.

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