Karndean demonstrates its strength in luxury vinyl

By Megan Salzano-Birch – Today’s market is overflowing with luxury vinyl – from burgeoning LVT suppliers to carpet manufacturers turned hard surfaces and even commodity-based imports. However, in the sea of ​​equality, there are a few who have specialized in luxury vinyl from their inception; Karndean is such a rarity.

It started in 1973 when a former floor installer started a small business from his childhood home with the belief that luxury vinyl floors should not only be practical, but also beautiful. Today, Karndean is an expert in luxury vinyl, not only when it comes to product development, but also when it comes to aesthetics and design.

“We take a careful, conscious approach to new design development, typically introducing six to 12 SKUs at a time,” said Jenne Ross, director of marketing at Karndean. FCNews. “While this requires a lot of time, research and upfront investment – ​​and can take longer to get to market – the resulting designs have a long life in the market. Some of our current top sellers have been in the market for over 20 years. ”

According to Ross, this approach instills confidence in Karndean’s partners that the investment they make in the company’s products will increase sales for years to come. “The fact that these designs are still resonating with consumers after all this time is a testament to our design quality and innovation in LVT,” she said.

The same care and quality that Karndean puts into its products and designs also extends to its relationships with its partners. “Basically, Karndean is a small family business, which is why we put customer service at the heart of what we do,” explains Ross. “From our dedicated customer service representatives to our technical advisors who will FaceTime with installers on site, we’re here to provide support when and where it’s needed.”

But don’t just take Karndean at his word, the company’s retail partners are only too happy to share their extensive and happy experiences with the LVT supplier. For example, Candy Weisenberger, co-owner of House 2 Home Flooring and Design, Ham Lake, Minnesota, has been a Karndean customer for nearly 10 years and said she has never looked back. “The ride was fun – we went from two displays to one of four platinum dealers in the state of Minnesota. We love Karndean. The visuals – there’s nothing quite like it. And it’s easy to sell something you believe in. ”

For Joanie Beazley of Asheville, NC-based Carpet One Floor & Home, the company’s claim to service is spot on. “They have great customer service in my opinion and I have one of the best salespeople,” she explained. “My representative, Patrick, consistently goes above and beyond. He answers my questions outside office hours, on vacation and responds quickly. The merchandising team is also on point and always ready to help.”

As for the product itself, Beazley noted that Karndean is her favorite floor to sell. “It’s a unique product because of the thousands of design options,” she said. “We can use this floor in a commercial environment with intricate patterns or in homes for a traditional-looking floor that looks real. I also love that they have options in most products that allow the customer to choose the best application: glue, float or click.

In addition to its unique approach to product design, Karndean’s sales approach also helps it stand out from the crowd. “For us, any design advice should start with a conversation about the space itself before looking at displays; in other words, start with layout versus product size,” Ross explained.

Weisenberger said her staff always use the approach. “My staff is very good at it. We always start with their lifestyle, needs and wants, to get them in the right direction. Then you can build and create something truly unique for your customers with the glued-on options and customization. In our 6,000 square foot showroom, we have approximately 5,000 square feet of custom inlays and vignettes. About 2,500 to 3,000 square feet of that is Karndean.”

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