Johnston County HVAC contractor behind bars after being accused of taking money and not doing work

FOUR OAKS, NC (WTVD) – An HVAC repairman in Johnston County has trouble with the law for taking jobs but not doing the job.

Gregory Lee Hines of Four Oaks is in prison and charged with acquiring properties under false pretenses and not working after he is paid.

According to the warrants, several homeowners and business owners hired Hines to work on their HVAC units and while he did work for some, it was unfinished and for some victims, after getting their money, he did not return to do the work . .

The Johnston County Sheriff’s Department says there are at least 10 victims and Hines obtained about $ 37,000.

If you have become a victim of Hines’, you can report this to the police.

This is a great reminder before hiring a company, do your research.

First, make sure the HVAC company you are using has the correct licenses and insurance to do the job. If you have a lot of work to do, ask for multiple written estimates. Also, beware of scammers posing as legitimate businesses, as those fraudsters often use a similar name from a reputable company with a positive reputation.

If you ever have any questions, call the reputable company to make sure they are connected. If they claim a particular part needs repair then ask to see it and if you agree to have it replaced by them ask for the broken part. When it comes to payment, don’t pay 100% up front and try to use a credit card so you have the most protection if something goes wrong.

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