Jinko reaches 23.53% module efficiency with TOPCon, high-efficiency module

JinkoSolar has announced that it has achieved 23.53% efficiency with its high-efficiency solar module. The previous record (set by JinkoSolar in January 2021) was 23.01%.

The results of this last test have been independently tested and confirmed by TÜV Rheinland.

“It is our long-standing commitment to provide customers with high-quality products that boost energy efficiency and reduce LCOE through technological innovation,” said Dr. Hao Jin, CTO of JinkoSolar. “Each new record performance demonstrates our R&D capabilities and is a great motivation for the invaluable work we do to improve industry standards. We are confident that the investments we have made in R&D will lead to more innovative products for greater efficiency and reliability, and leveraging our extensive global sales network will further strengthen our leadership and position us to drive technological advancements and promote green transformation. ”

Jinko achieved this new efficiency by using TOPCon cell technology, combined with the company’s new welding and packaging technology. The design of the module reduces internal resistance losses and improves energy efficiency.

News item from Jinko

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