Invitation to pre-qualify for municipal facility electrical and plumbing repairs

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The City of Wetaskiwin wants to shortlist qualified contractors to perform ongoing electrical and plumbing repairs at its municipal facilities.

The pre-qualification process is completed every three years by the city’s engineering department so that the city’s contract opportunities are fairly offered and vetted. See the article : Speakman Now Offers Garbage Disposals and Sump Pumps.

“This process is important because it encourages fiscal responsibility with public funds, which is one of the city’s four commitments to the community, as outlined in the 2018-2022 Strategic Plan,” said City Manager Sue Howard. “Pre-qualified contractors enable staff to quickly meet maintenance needs through predetermined fixed-price companies. This initiative also provides a transparent process that allows local contractors to work on city utilities – keeping taxpayers’ money in our community. “

All contractors are welcome to submit a pre-qualification bid package, with local businesses preferred during the scoring process.

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There are currently two pre-qualification options offered which are listed in detail on the City’s and Alberta Purchasing Connection websites and website. On the same subject : Massive Growth of Plumbing Fixtures Market by 2027.

Electrical repairs

  • All general electrical repairs and maintenance
  • Infrared inspections on power and engines
  • Fire alarm audits; maintenance and replacement of alarm systems
  • Biennial inspections of the runway and taxiway at the airport
  • Quotations for budget use and other miscellaneous electrical requests.

Repair of plumbing, gas, heating and cooling system

  • All general plumbing, gas, heating and cooling system (including geothermal) maintenance.

Pre-qualifying bid packages must be received by courier at Wetaskiwin City Hall, 4705 50 Ave. or delivered personally on June 8 through 14.00 hours

For more information, please visit the City of Wetaskiwin Tenders & RFPs webpage, or contact the responsible Engineering Project Manager at 780.361.4400 ext. 8853 or

—City of Wetaskiwin

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