Intersolar 2022 was all about the integrated and resilient smart home

While the timing of the COVID variant was not optimal, Intersolar North America 2022 went ahead with strict requirements for vaccines, testing and masking. Attendance was scarcer than pre-pandemic shows, but many big-name exhibitors and newcomers to the industry still showed off new products in the exhibition hall. The centerpiece of the show was the lively and raucous Solar Games competition, where classic rock played as teams worked to outwit each other.

A recurring theme of both the power electronics and energy storage manufacturers in Long Beach was the goal of being a one-stop shop. Companies are now offering multiple products needed for the solar + storage system rather than focusing on just one – whether that be inverter manufacturers adding battery options or battery manufacturers adding power management devices and smart circuits. It’s all about component compatibility these days and building brand trust for an entire solar system.

Here’s an overview of the show’s notable new products in the inverter and storage space, as well as some other unique offerings. Check back tomorrow for editor Billy Ludt’s summary of the racking and mounting space, plus other interesting finds.

FranklinWH’s Home Power System

The WH stands for Whole Home, which makes sense for this new company working on a customizable home backup system for customers. To see also : California insurance provider to install 9.8-MW, 4.3-MWh solar + storage portfolio at 7 locations. FranklinWH showcased a range of products at Intersolar, including a power management device (aGate, top) and LFP AC battery (aPower, bottom). The power management device contains three smart circuits for battery backup.

SolarView’s augmented reality app

SolarView aims to help installers and developers show in real time what a solar installation will look like to a potential customer. The augmented reality app can show customers what batteries and inverters would look like on the wall of their home, and much more. On the same subject : Power Edison to supply 12-MWh mobile battery system to U.S. utility. In this demo, a carport has been placed on the conference corridor, complete with cars underneath.

GE’s White Labeled Inverter

GE decided to enter the residential solar industry through a new partnership with inverter and battery manufacturer GoodWe. GoodWe made two inverters for GE, both of which can be linked to batteries. To see also : LS Energy Solutions releases large-scale ESS. While both have a unique “champagne” color, one is a DC-coupled “hybrid” inverter and the other is an AC-coupled inverter.

Discover the rack-ready battery from Battery

Discover Battery has focused on selling its AES lithium battery for five years, but is now introducing a new model with significant improvements. The new Element battery weighs less than half the weight of the AES and is also more compact. The company’s improved battery management system, the Lynk II, serves as a central point of communication between the batteries and inverters.

NEP’s Powerful Microinverters

Northern Electric Power (NEP) is trying to compete with Enphase in microinverters by creating a product that is bigger and stronger to withstand the elements better. The company’s EQ800 dual-module microinverter is also compatible with higher power panels and can harvest up to 400WAC per panel.

hyCLEANER’s solar cleaning machine

A German company has created a solar cleaning machine that can support wide roof arrays that aerial lift cleaners cannot reach. The self-propelled machine is operated by a worker with controls, but is equipped with edge-detection technology that automatically prevents it from falling potentially disastrously over carports and roofs.

CPS America’s inverter skid

CPS America unveiled its 4.17 MW utility inverter skid on Intersolar. A cluster of this product contains three inverters and an AC combiner. Representatives say this inverter can deliver higher power at actual plant operating temperatures than its competitors.

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