Illinois Senate passes omnibus energy bill that could make the state a renewable energy leader

Today, state senator Robert Martwick (D-Chicago) joined his colleagues to take action on the future of energy production in Illinois and began setting the framework for the state to move forward with clean and secure energy and high-paying jobs for future generations. generations .

“This legislation will help us invest in the future of our state,” Martwick said. “Creating tens of thousands of jobs through clean energy programs will put us on the right track in the fight against climate change.”

SB 18 would make Illinois a national leader in reducing carbon emissions through renewable, reliable and affordable energy providers, as well as training programs for thousands of high-paying jobs. Initiating programs to put Illinois on an aggressive path toward fully renewable energy generation by 2050, these renewable energy investments are the largest in Illinois history.

Under the plan, Illinois would invest in large solar installations across the state to help provide renewable energy to residents. The state would also invest in nuclear power plants and ensure that Illinois does not choose to import energy from carbon-polluting plants.

“Our focus is to position Illinois as the leader of the renewable energy future,” said Martwick. “Securing thousands of jobs for the people of Illinois means greater economic stability for residents who will find security in the clean energy sector.”

The legislation would create a number of state-wide programs to help train these new workers for the clean energy sector and green energy jobs, with a focus on minorities and lower-income communities.

The Path to 100 Coalition has issued the following statement in support of the bill:

We thank the Illinois Senate for passing SB18, the strongest clean energy, pro-climate legislation in the country. The renewable energy provisions in this legislation would reverse the job losses that are happening now, and make the state the national leader in creating fair clean energy jobs and fighting climate change. SB18’s bipartisan support reflects broad support for strong clean energy policies in Illinois.

We urge Governor Pritzker and Chairman Welch to act quickly to resolve any outstanding issues, while preserving the critical renewable energy policies that all parties have agreed to after years of negotiations.

Until this legislation becomes law, the Illinois renewable energy program will remain broken. Our industry is losing jobs on a daily basis and our state is lagging further behind other Midwestern states in developing the clean energy sector. Rooftop solar installations in Illinois are down more than 90% since last year, and more than 6,000 solar projects are still on the waiting list and will not be built without the policy in SB18. For the thousands of families supported by renewable energy jobs in Illinois, the urgency remains very real.

Speaker Welch and the Illinois House have the chance to file a utility bill that will make Illinois a model for a just transition to a clean energy economy. But to seize this opportunity, the House must act quickly.

The bill now goes to the House of Representatives.

News Report from Illinois Senate Democrats

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