HGTV greenlights Mike Epps’ home improvement show set in Indianapolis

INDIANAPOLIS — Watch out Two Chicks with a Hammer, star of HGTV’s “Good Bones” won’t be the only home improvement show in town much longer.

HGTV has unveiled it, highlighting a new show from comedian, actor and Indianapolis native Mike Epps, who will follow Epps and his family as they rebuild the block he grew up on in 1970s Indianapolis.

Epps and his wife, Kyra, have turned an abandoned firehouse on the block into their stunning new family home and are in the process of restoring Epps’ grandmother’s house. But Epps won’t stop there as the show plans to follow Epps as they remodel the houses on his childhood block in Indianapolis.

“Our two little ones grew up on the same block as Mike did in the ’70s,” says Kyra Epps. “Over the past two years, Mike and I have realized that we need to be closer to our families than ever before. We decided to spend more time in Indianapolis so our children could understand the importance of family and their family history.”

According to HGTV, the duo will update the Indy home with modern amenities while retaining the original charm to create “an affordable and beautiful place for families to buy or rent.”

Epps and Kyra, a design enthusiast, will be directly involved in the project and work with the construction team.

“Our children will see us working face to face, nail by nail, to rebuild these homes and our communities,” said Epps. “Our goal is to inspire legacy and family for generations to come.”

“I am excited to bring my design style to the environment for future family experiences,” says Kyra.

The three-episode series, titled “Buying Back the Block,” will air in summer 2023 on HGTV. It is produced by GoodStory Entertainment.

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