Guide to business management software for solar contractors

Solar contractors have many options when it comes to business-specific software for the industry. The most comprehensive platforms try to integrate every step of the solar sales-to-installation process into one. Here are the popular choices in the market that cover most or all of the needs of solar contractors.

solar aurora

Aurora Solar’s bread and butter is system design, but it also covers many other steps of the solar sales process. Installers will find robust site and power modelling, shadow analysis, and system design features on this platform. Designers can drag and drop modules and BOS components into the software, or choose the automatic system designer.

Aurora performs extensive checks to ensure systems are NEC compliant, including string sizing, inverter power, fire code fallback and more. See the article : President Grant historic home from the 1880s goes off-grid with solar + storage system. The platform also allows users to simulate energy production and generate loss diagrams to ensure the best system design.

After a design is complete, teams can generate customizable sales proposals, including multiple financing options. Users can then submit shadow reports for discounts and export the charts needed for approval.

What sets it apart: “One platform for all your needs, from lead registration to sales proposal, leveraging AI-driven automation, accuracy and a world-class customer support team.”

Cost: Aurora is a monthly or annual subscription software with: multiple plans. The most popular is the annual premium subscription $220/user/month.


Lead generation and tracking

Other: Battery Storage & Backup Size, API Integration, Sales Quotations, Contract Management

ENACT’s vision and commitment

Enact Systems brings two different apps to the table: one for the solar business owner and one for the solar customer. The Envision platform is the back-end database for companies. Teams use Envision to upload leads and view a live project dashboard. Project managers can then use high-resolution satellite imagery to create residential or commercial layouts and analyze energy output for solar or storage projects.

Envision features a 3D shadow mode to visualize project designs before merging them all into a custom proposal or contract. This step includes detailed bills of materials with pricing per item and can integrate different financing structures such as loans, leases or PPAs. To see also : Community Solar Design & Installation. The platform also allows owners to generate forms and collect electronic signatures.

After the sale, the team can view analytics in the Envision app and onboard customers into the Engage app for their personal monitoring.

What sets it apart: “Our ENVISION proposal software generates full 3D layouts of solar shading (with storage option), electrical rate analysis, pricing and bill of materials details for a complete proposal, which is highly customizable. We have an integrated workflow module for project management and documents, crucial for scaling up the operations team.”

Cost: Three levels of plans, the lowest option costs $239/month for up to three users.


Lead generation and tracking

Other: Separate customer app for performance tracking, open to all inverters and storage brands (with installer logo)

Energy Toolbase

Energy Toolbase makes the list for its advanced capabilities for solar and storage proposals. This software can help installers looking to expand their solar and storage business.

ETB can quickly model usage times and energy storage. The software can also accurately calculate utility costs, energy savings and project economy thanks to its in-house utility rates team. On the same subject : Possible ‘eighth-largest solar system in the world’ being built outside Las Vegas will use bifacial Maxeon panels. Once calculations are complete, contractors can choose from a library of customizable templates or create their own.

What sets it apart: “ETB Developer is the most intelligent project modeling tool of the solar and energy storage industry and the only tool with an in-house utility rate team to ensure the utmost accuracy in your financial analysis of projects. The software includes robust cash flow capabilities within transactions and incentives for your projects and can model projects in any state or market.”

Cost: $150/month for one user, with the monthly price decreasing as the number of users increases.


Lead generation and tracking


Shape is a general sales CRM service that now provides a solar-specific sales platform. The solution’s lead database includes features such as automatic follow-up and other custom triggers. E-signatures can be collected directly from the app. Unique to other solutions, Shape enables teams to handle marketing projects such as automated drip campaigns and e-newsletters.

Installers can also schedule appointments from the app, such as site surveys or customer meetings.

What sets it apart: “All-in-one software solution for selling solar energy without the need to purchase or integrate other software. Proposal tool, dialer, e-signature, SMS, lead management, advertising, customer portal and more than 100 other features all in one system.”

Cost: $99/month per user.


Lead generation and tracking

Other: Lead Scoring, Lead Ads, Customer Portal, Prioritization, Dialer, Texting

view of

Sighten’s CRM system allows contractors to create lead profiles with easy address lookups that retrieve data from utilities, incentives, local weather, and typical energy usage. Contractors can then create quotes for cash or a supported financing option, along with a side-by-side savings comparison. They can then generate a customizable solar proposal with tax credits, rebates, feed-in rates and more.

When the homeowner is ready to sign, contractors can email documents directly to the client for e-signature. All sales and installation documents are centralized in the program.

When it’s time to install, Sighten helps teams track all project tasks, approvals, and edits to completion.

What sets it apart: “Sighten is the only truly comprehensive solar software platform: one login for your solar company, from lead to design to installation. In addition to solar energy, we support the modeling of non-solar products, including storage, energy efficiency and electric vehicles. Sighten also integrates leading funding programs to make it easy to qualify and close deals from within the Sighten platform.”

Cost: Basic subscription is $199 per month for unlimited users.


Lead generation and tracking

Other: CRM, Project Management, Storage, Efficiency, EVs, Documents, E-Signature, APIs, C&I Solar

solar graf

Solargraf has a simple interface reminiscent of other team management platforms such as Google. Business owners can create roles and permissions for the entire workforce, import leads, and view active projects on a dashboard.

The software can generate customizable quotes using shade analysis data, as well as mounting type, roof pitch and panel angle information from the company’s proprietary algorithm. The proposal also allows contractors to offer multiple product and pricing options.

Once the project is sold, contractors can offer financing through Solargraf partners, order permits directly through their account, and more.

What sets it apart: “Solargraf is extremely easy to learn and use, no designer is needed. Solargraf uses the latest HD imagery to generate slick and comprehensive quotes with a few simple clicks, while providing full distance selling capabilities and a robust list of features including shadow analysis and shadow reports, proposals with “good, better, best” options, easy financing and permit ordering making it a one-stop shop for installers looking to speed up their sales and quote workflow, while also managing the post-sale process.”

Cost: Featherweight plan starts at $229/month paid annually. Welterweight starts at $345/month paid annually and Heavyweight plan starts at $459/month paid annually. Custom/enterprise solutions are also available.


Lead generation and tracking

Other: Shade report orders, proposal orders as a service


SolarSuccess is a single database that integrates many steps in the solar cycle and allows integration of third-party applications for anything that may be missing. Installers can manage accounting, inventory and project progress from the dashboard.

Team members can view instant updates on projects, costs, sales, project timelines, status updates and more from the platform. Project milestones can automatically trigger accounting features within the software. Users can forecast supply chain costs and view real-time equipment availability and pricing information for selected suppliers.

SolarSuccess also offers solar-specific project templates for interacting with funders and storing documents.

What sets it apart: “SolarSuccess is the most complete business management software for solar installers. The largest number of supporting integrations are supported, including drone, solar proposal, real estate data, HOA data, AHJ data and more.”

Cost: Volume pricing applies with module nuances, but a mixed price is $70 to $140 per user per month.


Lead generation and tracking

Other: Sales/CRM, Project Management, Accounting, Inventory Management, Asset Management, Service Management, Team Collaboration

Investing in solar business software can be daunting, but it will likely pay for itself quickly with streamlined operations and cost savings.

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