Grant to fund HVAC rebate for low-income rental units

Energize Delaware has announced that the Empowerment Grant Program, funded through the Exelon merger for Delmarva Power customers in Delaware, is awarding $ 97,420 to Applied Energy Group for the LMI HVAC Discount for Rental Units Pilot that focuses on the most energy-consuming equipment in LMI homes for energy costs and charges.

AEG has partnered with Milford Housing Development Corporation and has evaluated its LMI properties in the Delmarva Power Territory: Heritage Manor in Harrington, Park Royal in Milton and Savannah East Apartments in Lewes.

This pilot program will serve these three LMI properties in Kent and Sussex counties, with a total of 136 units housing tenants at or below 60 percent of the state’s average income level. This program provides incentives for high-efficiency HVAC replacement in these properties and includes an incentive for current HVAC equipment contractors to stock high-efficiency equipment. The equipment incentives offered are consistent with the existing Energize Delaware HVAC discounts offered on owner-occupied properties.

“In homes and rental units, more than 60% of the total energy consumption and half of the energy costs are used for space heating, space cooling and hot water. However, in rental properties, especially low-income homes, there is a market barrier that often prevents the installation of high-efficiency HVAC units. Landlords are not motivated to purchase more expensive, high-efficiency equipment, where tenants enjoy the benefit of lower utility bills. In addition, there is no existing program in Delaware to provide direct incentives for the replacement of high-efficiency HVAC equipment in rental properties. AEG welcomes this opportunity to address this critical need in the Delaware LMI industry by working directly with low-income rental home owners to educate them on the benefits of installing more efficient HVAC equipment as well as encouraging the purchase of that equipment. This Empowerment Grant LMI HVAC pilot will result in an estimated savings on the tenant’s energy bill of $ 43- $ 390 per year, ”said Bahareh Van Boekhold, Applied Energy Group program manager.

Milford Housing Development Corporation is grateful to the Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility for funding the HVAC Rebate Pilot Program. In partnership with Applied Energy Group, this innovative program will result in high-efficiency systems for 136 affordable rental units in Kent and Sussex counties. This will have a profound impact on the lives of Delawareans by reducing energy taxes and providing safe, healthy, affordable and efficient energy alternatives, ”said David W. Moore, president and CEO of Milford Housing Development Corporation.

“I am very excited about the rollout of this pilot program,” said Gary Stockbridge, Delmarva Power Regional Chairman. “As we spend more time in our homes during the pandemic and as we approach the summer months, the role of energy-efficient household appliances and appliances is more important than ever before. These HVAC energy efficiency upgrades can benefit both the property developer and their tenants where they need it most – in their pockets. “

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