Get $ 500 off any project with Expo Home Improvement

As a local owner company since 2006, Expo Home Improvement knows that the heart of any Texan home is one family. They understand better than the national chains that replacement windows, doors, and shower solutions are right for Texas and our unique climate.

At Expo Home Improvement, our heart is a fat part of our brand and we are proud to carry it on the chest every day as a symbol of our commitment to you. The heart symbolizes our team’s commitment to our core values ​​of integrity, “Stay true to excellence and service – with every home project entrusted to us. That’s why you keep our promise to serve with love, because Expo Home Improvement is truly a company that loves you,” said Amanda McDaniel.

McDaniel is the Director of Marketing at Expo Home Improvement. She teamed up with Studio 512 co-host Stephanie Gilbert to talk about replacing your windows for summer heat, along with a special offer – the first 25 calls will receive $ 500 on each project in addition to the monthly offer.

Tell us, which products and services do you specialize in at Expo Home Improvement?

“Since 2006, we have specialized in window replacement, door replacement, bathroom renovations, and shower renovations! We have provided over 19,000 Texan homes and families with these services and products, so we know better than the national chains what works best for a Texan home. will be! We would love to come and see your space to see how we can help improve it!

Well, today we’ll talk about windows. Amanda, what are the benefits of the replacement window?

“Think about yourself about your home. How many windows do you have? Did you know that the average house has about 17 windows? There are many openings for your home when you think about it, and windows are often overlooked when it comes to energy efficiency, safety, sound. Replacing old or original windows will make your home safer, quieter, more comfortable and will open up your mood! Plus, it will help you save money! Replacing your windows has so many benefits and I hear that every day of our customers: ‘Why did we not do this earlier?’

Those are really good points! So summer and our extreme heat are coming soon. Can your windows withstand this kind of heat?

“Yes! Our Expo Home Improvement windows are uniquely designed with our Texas climate in mind. We offer a vinyl replacement window that, unlike wood or other materials, does not rot over time in the Texas heat and is the perfect material for the extreme. Temperatures of Texas. We know Texans do not want summer heat to enter their homes or their cool AC to escape; replacing your windows guarantees that you will no longer be dealing with draped windows! Other than the benefit of to save on your energy bills, they also have sound suppression technology, and have security features so you can feel comfortable and at peace in your home for next year.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Scheduling an appointment is easy and free! All you have to do is call 512-595-7517 or visit to connect with us. Our estimates are free, and we’re here for you help find the best solution for your home. At Expo Home, our team is excited to meet you, give us a call! “

Expo Home Improvement has a special offer for Studio 512 viewers – the first 25 calls will receive $ 500 on each project in addition to the monthly offer. Call 512-595-7517.

This segment is paid for by Expo Home Improvement and is intended as an advertisement. The opinions expressed by the guest (s) on this program are only those of the guest (s) and are not endorsed by this TV channel.

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