GAF Energy, Anbe Roofing Finish Largest Installation To Date

Roof-integrated solar product manufacturer GAF Energy says it has completed its largest residential solar roof project: a 31 kW system installed by partner Anbe Roofing on a private residence in California’s Portola Valley.

The system will produce 50,455 kWh of energy annually, saving the homeowner an estimated $271,484 in electricity costs over the expected 25-year life of the system.

“Normally installing a new roof of this size would require significant additional technical and labor support for completion – not to mention the extra planning and hours required to add a solar system on the new roof” , says Joseph Andrews of Anbe Roofing. “The streamlined design and construction of the GAF Energy solar roof kit made this installation quick and easy for our team. It clicks together like a simple puzzle and looks great. You would never know we installed the largest GAF Energy system to date, given how quick and seamless the process was.”

“Anbe demonstrated their expertise in this project, providing the customer with a sustainable, reliable and innovative roof-integrated solar solution that will save the customer significant money,” added Keally DeWitt, vice president of marketing and public policy for GAF Energy.

GAF Energy solar integrates directly with a roof system and does not require penetration of the roof membrane. High-efficiency solar panels in the system optimize power and provide a matching roof color profile to maximize aesthetic appeal, with robust flashing and a sleek black perimeter shield.

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