Fire damages Larkey HVAC; Family-owned business to continue

June 29 — Dwight Larkey stood outside Larkey HVAC Monday morning and saw smoke billowing from the office and storage room of a family business where he has spent most of his life.

Larkey, a co-owner of the heat and air conditioning company, said it was emotional to see the potential damage from a fire, the cause of which has yet to be determined.

“My grandfather started this company in 1959, my father joined him in 1969, and I started working here after I graduated from high school in 1979,” Larkey said. “I’ve been working here part-time since I was 10 years old and I’m 60 now, so that’s 50 years I’ve been here.”

Larkey said it was always a concern of his – thinking about how a fire could destroy a business or home.

“And now it’s here,” he said. “I just see everything I’ve worked for go up in smoke.”

Larkey’s wife, Joann, was also upset as she watched firefighters put out the blaze.

“I was in the bathroom and I came out and everyone was screaming and saying the building was on fire,” she said. “I left my phone in, but I grabbed my bag and called 9-1-1. Dwight grabbed the Quickbooks laptop and we all got out. Some of the guys were coughing quite a bit because they ran back to see how bad the fire and the were smoke.”

However, the damage was minimal, according to a Facebook post on the company page. In that post, Dwight Larkey thanked the London City Fire Department for their dedicated response, as well as the East Bernstadt and Laurel County Volunteer Fire Departments for their assistance. Magen Zawko, Public Relations Officer for the London Fire Brigade, said the Bush Fire Brigade was also on standby in case they were needed.

The report of a fire at Larkey HVAC came to Laurel Dispatch around 10:42 a.m. Monday. Larkey said a resident who lived on the hill behind the business came to the office area and said smoke was coming from the back of the building. That sent employees to check the building to see the extent of the fire and its origin.

Firefighters quickly arrived and split into two crews: one in the front of the building that houses the offices and the other in the back where supplies are kept. Larkey said installation crews and service technicians were just getting ready to leave the office when the fire was discovered.

As of Tuesday, Larkey HVAC will continue to conduct business through a mobile unit outside their North Mill Street building. Their Facebook post said their regular phone number would be available soon, but in the meantime, contact them at (606) 224-7551 or (606) 682-4614 for any service needs.

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