FIMER releases new high-power inverter and LFP battery

FIMER is newly rolled out high-power inverters and an LFP battery for the residential market, which provides future-proof and scalable solutions for all global installations.

The new ‘Power’ platform — FIMER PowerUNO, PowerTRIO and PowerX, is designed to help installers take full advantage of the increasing demand for residential solar + storage.

The PowerUNO and PowerTRIO inverters offer a wide range of power choices from 2 kW to 8.5 kW and feature single and three phase options that are compatible for both the North American and wider global markets. The inverters have a high power density with small and lightweight footprints.

The new inverters also have built-in high-end connectivity with Wi-Fi and Ethernet and Linux OS, enabling local integration with smart home appliances and EV charging, as well as seamless interaction with FIMER’s Aurora Vision cloud.

As the demand for storage systems continues to grow, FIMER PowerX offers high storage capacity for homes. Using a modular high voltage battery format, PowerX offers a flexible option for capacity requirements of all sizes, up to a maximum of 48 kWh, with quick and easy installation. It has a small overall footprint with a wall and floor stand, with one module weighing only about 72 lbs.

To further appeal to homeowners, FIMER PowerX offers the unique option to customize the curved front, giving the technology an Italian design flair by offering multiple colors to ensure the battery unit blends easily into its environment.

FIMER PowerUno, PowerTRIO and PowerX will be available from January 2022.

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