Epic Plumbing rooted in faith, family and quality

From left to right: Todd Iocco, Denesse Iocco, April Maly and Bryant Iocco own Epic Plumbing. In Maly’s arms lies her son, Thomas Maly. (Haley Morrison/Community Impact Newspaper)

Epic Plumbing has been providing plumbing services to Pearland and the South Houston area since 1996. During that time, the family business has built up a good relationship with its customers.

The company is run by Todd and Denesse Iocco and their children, Bryant Iocco and April Maly. Epic Plumbing is family oriented in many aspects of the business. To the owners, the rest of the staff are like family too.

“When we hire people, we make sure they understand that family comes first,” Maly said.

Todd said the company’s three priorities are God, family, and business — in that order. The culture also seeps through to its customers, many of whom have been using Epic Plumbing for years. Because of his dedication to customer service, most of his customers are repeat customers or referrals, Bryant said.

The company heavily monitors its plumbers and wouldn’t send plumbers they wouldn’t trust in their own home, he said.

Things recovered about two months after the winter storm in February, but have returned to normal, the owners said.

“In one day we had the same number of people calling as in one month,” Bryant said.

Working in the plumbing business during the frost of 1989, Todd was able to use some of his experience to do things differently this time around. One of the biggest changes is that the company has prioritized its repeat and old customers, he said.

Epic Plumbing started in 1996 as Epic Services. The company used to offer both plumbing and air conditioning. After a few years, the company dropped the AC services and changed it to Epic Plumbing.

“You want to be 100% in what you do,” Maly said, referring to why the company focuses solely on plumbing.

When the company started, it was owned by Todd and Denesse. In 2016, Maly and Bryant also joined the company. Both grew up watching their parents in the plumbing industry and said they were sure they wanted to take a different path.

Maly went to college for education and Bryant went to accounting. However, both decided that they would rather be part of the family business.

“It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life,” Maly said.

The most popular services for the company are the repair of water heaters and toilets. The company also sells water softeners, which have become increasingly popular over the years. In general, the company offers a wide range of services and products related to plumbing, drainage systems and sewage systems.

“If it’s water, sewer, or gas, we’ll fix it,” Todd said.

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