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The total peak heat load for this house is 21,000 Btu. To put that in perspective, 21,000 Btu is about the heat load you would have for a bedroom suite in a code-built home, but we have the same heat load throughout this house with 4,700 square feet of conditioned space.

Not only do we have an incredibly low heat load, we also have equipment that consumes energy – that uses as little energy as possible – yet maintains a healthy and well-tempered indoor climate.

This is achieved by using components that are not often paired together in the US market: the: Minotar HRV (heat recovery fan system); a hydro coil; a Sanden boiler; and a high performance Mitsubishi heat pump air handler.

Watch the full video for more information, including:

  • How these systems interact at different times of the year
  • How the Minotair’s heat pump takes a significantly greater amount of energy than normal air conditioning units from the airflow and converts it into sensible energy to achieve both ventilation and air conditioning
  • What ensures that the Sanden boiler achieves a high coefficient of performance?


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