Ecore offers performance flooring CEU

sport-Lancaster, Pa.-Ecore offers a continuing education unit (CEU) focused on the benefits of high-performance flooring for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. The new CEU, titled “High-Performance Flooring for Sports, Recreation and Fitness,” identifies the critical performance needs for flooring in sports, fitness and recreational venues and provides architects and designers with guidelines for selecting optimal surfacing for different areas. company .

“The COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with continued improvements in sports-related equipment, has led to an increase in interest in health and a thriving fitness and wellness market,” said Bo Barber, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Ecore. “With the increased need for new and renovated sports, fitness and leisure facilities, special attention must be paid to the foundation of all these spaces: the floor.”

According to the company, the CEU program includes flooring priorities for the most common athletic applications and how technical performance surfaces can provide safety, ergonomic and acoustic benefits that improve performance and protect athletes and fitness enthusiasts. “Floor choices for sports, fitness and recreation applications go far beyond price and color,” Barber said. “The right flooring material can actually improve athletic performance, comfort and enjoyment by absorbing shock, facilitating energy return and delivering better acoustics.”

After completing the CEU course, participants will be able to identify the critical needs for performance surfacing in sports, fitness and recreation applications and understand flooring priorities for the most common applications, Ecore said. Through a collection of case studies, participants will also gain knowledge about specifying performance floors for safety, acoustics and ergonomics and receive examples of solutions, the company added.

The CEU is registered with The American Institute of Architects (AIA) Continuing Education Systems. Upon completion of the program, all participants will have their credits reported to AIA & IDCEC, Ecore said.

For more information about Ecore’s Continuing Education Units, click here.

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