DSD completes solar + storage carport design at golf course on Cape Cod

Distributed Solar Development (DSD), in partnership with the Cape and Vineyard Electric Cooperative (CVEC), has completed installation of two carport solar canopies, totaling 1,763 MW, and an 892 kWh energy storage system at Brewster’s Captains Golf Course and Driving Range at Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

“It’s great to see a project of this magnitude and importance to the residents of Brewster being completed on time and on budget,” said Maria Marasco, Esq., CVEC Executive Director. “Brewster is one of 25 CVEC councilors on the Cape, Island and South Coast who have asked CVEC to oversee the project development.”

“These projects build on the success of Massachusetts’ efforts to expand its solar capacity,” said Tim Magner, Senior Director of Project Origination at DSD. “Our partnership with CVEC and local municipalities really demonstrates the power of solar to reduce energy costs for residents and businesses across the region. We look forward to getting the rest of the portfolio up and running and sharing the benefits of clean, renewable energy with many more people in Cape Cod.”

Two other sites in the portfolio are also operational. The Sandwich Police installation includes two carport sun canopies, totaling 201.69 kW, extending over the station car park. The second location is a 239.49 kW rooftop solar system at Monomoy High School, installed in partnership with the City of Harwich.

The 12 remaining projects in the portfolio, eight of which have energy storage systems, are in the development and construction phase. The projects are located at eight different schools, a golf course and a landfill. Six are carport installations, four on the roof and two on the ground.

News item from DSD

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