Don’t Let Flushability Fears Stop You From Feeling Refreshed This Summer

Master plumber Roger Wakefield, LEED AP shares tips for making sure plumbing issues don’t throw a wrench into your summer plans. Bathroom wipes may look similar, but not all wipes are created equal. Forensic investigation by sewage agencies shows at least 98% of the material collected from the screens of the treatment plants was baby wipes, hard surface cleaning wipes, paper towels and other hygiene products labeled “Do not flush”.

While most wet wipes are designed to be thrown away rather than flushed, Cottonelle® flushable wipes are 100% flushable and made with biodegradable fibers that begin to break down immediately after flushing. Roger Wakefield, LEED AP, Green Certified Master Plumber gives his top tips for maintaining and caring for your plumbing as a homeowner so you can stay carefree and fresh this summer.

This interview is provided by Cottonelle®

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