Department of Consumer Protection Investigating Complaints Against Danielson Contractor – NBC Connecticut

The Department of Consumer Protection announced in a statement that it is investigating a Danielson home improvement contractor after receiving multiple complaints about his work.

According to DCP, they have received 27 complaints since January about Justin Lanno and his company, CT Heat Pros LLC. In the post, DCP said Lanno did not have the proper permit for some of the heating and cooling work he is said to have done.

DCP said the complaints accuse the company of incorrect or incomplete installations of HVAC units, problems integrating new systems with existing systems, tap water leaks, improperly sized plumbing, cases where permits were not revoked for work performed, missed appointments , unanswered requests for refunds and other shoddy workmanship.

When NBC Connecticut contacted Lanno for comment, he said his company is properly licensed. A search of Lanno’s company in the state database showed that while the company is not licensed to perform heating and cooling work, there is an independent contractor who is properly licensed and registered under the company name.

Lanno says he oversees those workers, who are certified technicians, and doesn’t do field work. Lanno said he has tried to work with DCP and resolve any complaints, and said most situations result in an amicable solution. He also disputed the number of complaints, saying there are far fewer than 27. He asked anyone concerned about his business to contact them.

“We will 100% send a qualified technician to solve any problems. We are doing our utmost to fight the struggle of a growing small business and keep everyone cool,” Lanno wrote in an email to NBC Connecticut.

DCP requests anyone with information about Lanno and his work to contact them as part of the investigation. They also offered the following tips for anyone looking to get work done from home.

  • Any person who performs heating, piping, refrigeration and plumbing installation must be licensed through DCP, after successfully passing their professional license exam.
  • Home Improvement Contractors are extremely limited in the scope of work they can complete.
  • Consumers can request the licenses and apprenticeship cards from the installers at home.
  • To ensure proper installation of the systems, good workmanship and compliance with installation regulations: A permit must be obtained from the local municipal building department before any work is started in the house or on the property. Once the permit has been obtained, the work can be continued.

You can make a complaint to DCP by emailing or by calling 860-713-6180. Consumers can also file a complaint online or chat directly with a DCP Complaint Center member by visiting and clicking “Make a Complaint.”

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