DC Horror Announces ‘Soul Plumber’ From Last Podcast On the Left Hosts

Last Podcast on the Left is one of the most popular podcasts today, and now the hosts are bringing a new title called Soul Plumbers to DC Horror.

Latest podcast on the left is one of the most popular podcasts today, and in October the hosts will team up with recording artist John McCrea and DC Horror to bring readers soul plumber. The book, the second installment in DC’s new horror-themed imprint, will be available for purchase in print and digitally on October 5 and will also be available the same day on DC’s digital comics service DC Universe Infinite.

Launched in 2011, Latest podcast on the left is devoted to horror, both real-world and imaginary, covering topics such as real-life crime and the paranormal. Hosts Ben Kissel, Marcus Parks and Henry Zebrowski have discussed topics ranging from the alleged mad mystic Rasputin to vampires, aliens and many other supernatural topics. The hosts not only thoroughly research each topic, but also present it with humor. The three hosts are now bringing their passion for horror to DC Comics, which recently launched an imprint exclusively to the genre, in the new book. Soul plumber.

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DC has released more information about the book, as well as sample pages from McCrea, which are shared below. The book follows Edgar Wiggin, a former seminary student who left in disgrace and now works at a gas station. Still looking to save souls, Wiggin finds a mysterious group called the Soul Plumbers at a conference, and they may be just what he needs. The Soul Plumbers have a special machine that helps save people’s souls from the devil, but when Wiggins can’t afford it, he steals the blueprints and builds his own. But when he tries to go after a demon, he accidentally unleashes something much worse.

soul plumber
soul plumber

Both Parks and Zebrowski were excited to work on the project, with Parks taking Alan Moore’s out Swamp thing #32 as his first comic and says being able to do a horror comic for DC is “outside” [his] wildest fantasies.” Likewise, Zebrowski was enthusiastic about the book, calling writing a comic “a dream come true.” Parks praised McCrea’s art and was excited to work with the artist, with both creators calling the book “crass.”

“We want to create great stories for people to read that are scary, creepy, and fun for horror fans, whether they’re already comic readers or not,” said DC Horror editor Katie Kubert. “We’re building on the legacy of classics like House of Secrets with something that’s dirty, scary and just plain fantastic.”

Legions of fans tune in Latest podcast on the left every week to hear stories of crime and the occult, mixed with raw humor, and soul plumber should appeal to fans of the podcast. In the press release, DC Horror editor Katie Kubert expressed her desire to reach fans who may not read comics yet, and soul plumber is the perfect title for that.

Latest podcast on the left mixes dark horror with the absurd every week, and now the hosts come to DC Horror with the brand new soul plumber this October.

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