Coverings announces featured conference sessions

Orlando, Fla. Coverings, the largest international tile and stone exhibition and conference in North America, is hosting a series of informational sessions, some with Continuing Education Units (CEUs), for Coverings 2021. Event attendees, taking place here in July 7- 9, 2021, will have access to a comprehensive range of recommended educational sessions with an emphasis on three tracks: installation and manufacture, personnel and profit, and materials and trends. All learning opportunities are designed to provide avid showgoers with the relevant education they need to excel in today’s highly competitive tile, stone and design market, the show’s organizers said.

Installation and manufacture

The Installation and manufacture Sessions at Coverings 2021 will provide attendees with a wealth of information on industry best practices and advanced installation and manufacturing techniques, the show organizers said. Selected sessions in these categories include: “Tile Talks with the National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA)”, a lively and interactive open forum moderated and coordinated with NTCA technical trainers, focusing on common issues in Florida and the Southeast; State of the Stone Industry, in which participants can learn firsthand how industry leaders and peers approach issues ranging from government regulation, competitive product challenges, and forecasting market growth; “Trials and Trials of Tile Installations: A North American Perspective,” which highlights various tile challenges that trade professionals have faced in recent years in the United States and Canada; “Fabricator Forum Breakout Session”, an interactive session aimed at manufacturers, including discussion groups in the fields of technical, business and marketing; and more.

“Regardless of your role in the tile and stone industry, be it contractor, installer, fabricator, architect, renovator or beyond, there is a lot of information to be gained by attending the Installation & Fabrication sessions at Coverings 2021,” said Bart Bettiga, Executive Director of the NTCA.

Workforce and profit

The Workforce and profit sessions are designed to help visitors discover new and successful business practices and tactics to better grow and manage their business. Workforce & Profit Sessions include: “Recognize the Problem – Identify Sales & Marketing Misalignment”, highlighting the importance of synergy and coordination between sales and marketing teams; Managing a Family Business, a vigorous panel discussion on challenges and best practices in running a family business; “Hard Surface Industry Town Hall”, which will be led by industry leaders and will discuss key topics essential to the growth of natural hard-surface products, including tile, stone and wood floors; and “How to Increase Business Leads and Secure New Projects through Material Bank”, a discussion with experts from Material Bank, the world’s largest building materials marketplace, with great insights on how to generate leads and evolve with changes in the market.

“The Workforce & Profits sessions provide real takeaways, practical labor solutions and techniques to maximize profit,” said Rick Church, Executive Director of the Ceramic Tile Distributors Association (CTDA).

Materials and trends

The Materials and trends sessions at Coverings 2021 include: “Global Tile Trends”, a highly anticipated and popular annual discussion among international tile experts to explore the latest trends and projects, highlighting where the tile industry is headed; Designer Talk: Fake It When You Make It – Reasons to Choose Natural Products, which explores the use of natural products as an important building material; “Environmental Responsibility, Human Wellbeing, Resilience – Popular Topics in Green Building and How the Tile Industry Fits”, an exploration of how the principles of green building, rooted in conservation, climate change awareness and biodiversity, now embody the idea of ​​wellbeing; “Plastic Based Materials (PBM) – Safety and Performance Issues with Not So Luxurious Vinyl Tile (LVT)”, a session that discusses performance and health issues associated with plastic floors such as LVT; and others.

“Coverings 2021 Materials & Trends sessions are designed to inspire, inform and educate visitors in today’s fast-paced design industry and business climate,” said Alena Capra, certified main kitchen and bath designer and Coverings spokesperson. “Because so many of the sessions offer free CEUs, the sessions at Coverings 2021 are unmissable opportunities.”

Coverings’ robust education offering spans all industry segments with comprehensive learning goals and outcomes. Participants are advised to check the Coverings 2021 schedule to see all Coverings free teaching sessions. To learn more about onsite and virtual opportunities taking place during Coverings 2021, visit the Coverings website.

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