Construction company offering free AR-15 with every new roof

The promotion of a local contractor has caused some controversy. From now until the end of the year, Wiggins Construction is offering a free AR-15 rifle with every new home or commercial roof.

Some people “are not happy about it. We’ve gotten some pretty hateful, vulgar comments,” said Matt Thomas, who does marketing for the company.

Thomas said he got the idea from reading how many people from larger cities are moving to this area, in some cases to escape regulations, high costs and a deterioration in quality of life.

“They’re moving to a state that has liberties… This is a welcome gift and a thank you for doing business with Wiggins Construction,” Thomas said.

As soon as he posted the promotion on the company’s social media page, Thomas said, critical comments and phone calls started pouring in.

While there were people who supported the giveaway, the post was shared across the country. He said he got calls from people in Illinois, California and New Hampshire. They left voicemails calling him a “baby killer” and demanding that the company stop offering the free guns.

In defense of the promotion, Thomas said Wyoming has more guns per capita than any state in the country.

“Last I checked, I think Wyoming is the safest state in the United States to live in,” Thomas said.

With a population spread over a large area, Thomas explained, response times for law enforcement officers can be longer, meaning people need a way to defend themselves.

“Some people don’t quite see it the way we do,” Thomas said of the critics.

The company did consult with its attorney to make sure they were carrying out the promotion in accordance with the law. Customers must prove that they are over 21 and that they have never been convicted of a crime. They must also sign a form stating that they will abide by all state and federal regulations. Before the weapons are handed over, the company records the weapon serial number and signs it to the customer with documentation for transfer of ownership.

“You can use this thing to hunt. You can use it for target practice, home defense. You can just hang it on your wall as a wall piece,” Thomas said.

Thomas said the company had its busiest year in its history last year and is currently fully booked for the majority of its work for two years. Wiggins Construction took on the roofing promotion to book that part of the business before the end of the year.

The company was founded nine years ago by Josh and Todd Wiggins, originally called Wiggins Fencing. They eventually added roofing and general contracting and renamed the company Wiggins Construction.

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