Community solar project will cover New York capped landfill

Guilderland, New York’s Zoning Board of Appeals unanimously approved a 2,375 MW solar project on a sealed landfill at Guilderland Center.

Credit: Cipriani Energy Group

In August 2019, Guilderland pledged to be a Climate Smart Community, and the approval of this solar project is a step towards shifting towards renewable energy and reducing CO2 emissions.

Cipriani Energy Group and its subsidiary Cipriani Construction Corp. will begin construction of the solar facility in the spring of 2022. According to the company’s COO, Chris Stroud, the panels will produce clean, zero-emission electricity by mid-2022, and National Grid customers who subscribe to the community solar program affiliated with this project will receive an average of 10% off energy bills. for homes.

The Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, signed into law in 2019, commits the state to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 40% by 2030 and commits to 100% zero-emission electricity by 2040.

Community solar projects generate income by selling energy shares as subscriptions to local residents, businesses and municipalities. This creates a credit or tax advantage on subscribers’ energy bills through energy generated by solar panels at a remote location.

Guilderland residents expressed support for the Cipriani Energy project, sent letters to the city’s website and expressed support for the array at the Zoning Appeals Committee meeting during the public comment period on Oct. 14. One resident wrote: “Placing a solar panel over an existing Brownfield site is exactly the kind of solar positioning we look forward to now and in the future.”

News item from Cipriani Energy Group

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