Cavalcade Queen candidate: Julia McLaughlin

Julia McLaughlin / Talala Rebels Riding Club

Julia McLaughlin proudly rides into our Cavalcade arena for the Talala Rebels Riding Club at our 75th rodeo. On the same subject : The Newton Roofers Offers Industry-Leading Lifetime Warrantied Shingles For Roof Installation & Replacements In Newton Centre, MA – Press Release. Julia lives in Oologah and is the 19-year-old daughter of April Montgomery and Brandon McLaughlin.

A few words from this cowgirl:

“Last year was my freshman year. My favorite memory was when all the Queen participants visited Bird Creek Nutrition, and there was a little girl there who wrapped her fingers around my little finger. The second we entered, her eyes lit up and you could see she wanted to be in the boots of a Rodeo Queen! That inspired me to do better because there is always a younger generation looking up to you.

“Cavalcade is the largest amateur rodeo with over 1,500 participants, great livestock and a week filled with some of the best riding and roundup clubs around. Definitely a great place to experience all things rodeo.

“The sport of rodeo has taught me so many life skills, such as responsibility and learning to intervene and help each other. It has also helped me find where I belong on any rodeo terrain.”

Talala Rebels Riding Club organized in 2016. At our 75th Cavalcade, the crew consists of 40 members. The Talala Rebels like to ride together in parades, trail rides, chariot races and rodeos. They also help advertise and represent other local rodeos.

Club officials include: President Autumne Collins; Vice-Chairman Laura Lank; Secretary Shasta Carmack; and camp coordinator Brian Carmack.

Julia’s sponsors include: QRS Roofing; Autumn massage; dusty duck; Tulsa fence and roofing; US mortgage; and OK Medicare

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