Cali shines during difficult market conditions

Cali Vinyl Legends

It’s a tough time being in the market for new flooring. A slowly recovering supply chain is slowing imports, container costs have skyrocketed and the bull-whip effect of the pandemic has sent stocks plummeting in just about every industry. We all know the bad news. Here’s the good.

There are victories to be won when we trust our relationships, remain agile and move forward strategically. The Cali team has proven itself in this area before and is doing it again. Cali’s most popular collections remain in stock and ready to ship, and they continue to deliver exactly what customers want: beautiful, durable floors at the best price per square meter.

Cali recently launched Cali Vinyl Legends and improved the very well received Cali vinyl longboards collection with new colors. Each floor responds to the demand for longer, wider planks – a preference that remains strong for both hardwoods and rigid cores. Wider planks work best with open floor plans and make spaces feel larger and flow naturally from room to room. They also install faster and feel more modern.

In addition to the expansive dimensions, Legends and Longboards utilize more advanced imaging technology to deliver the sharpest hardwood detail Cali has ever produced. The colors are richer and specialized embossing matches what you see; if you see a knot in the grain, you also feel the texture of that knot.

CALI vinyl longboards

If you haven’t seen the Longboards display by now, it’s worth checking out. Each setup comes equipped with a life-size surfboard and is about as classic Cali as you can get. The color palette is light and relaxed – very easy to live with, easy to design with and easy to love. The backer shelf features hidden rungs for storing samples you can take home, and the rack itself holds 12 removable shelves. With so many luxury vinyl collections to choose from, it is no longer enough just to have a high performing product. You need to make a strong, lasting impression from the first look. Legends continues those coastal vibes with an upcoming display featuring a full, wooden paddle.

Creative design and a great product are only part of the equation. Cali remains relatively small, but with a trained and skilled workforce that enables the launch of new products and programs (in response to feedback and trends) faster than the average manufacturer. This fast turnaround time, flexible supply chain and team of highly skilled sales reps have resulted in off-the-charts Net Promoter Scores and have kept the company on the Inc. for the past 13 years. 5000 fastest growing companies list held. It also enables Cali to serve a variety of customers with a solution for almost every customer on the path to purchase.

“Let’s continue to learn from and support each other as we weather this storm,” said President Doug Jackson. “Here’s a better swell in 2022.”

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