Broadlume unveils all-in-one selling platform at FloorCon 2021

Sarasota, Fla.—Broadlume’s 2021 FloorCon kicked off here on Nov. 17, welcoming 400 attendees to the Hyatt Regency for two days of educational sessions and major announcements. The crux of the show was the unveiling of Broadlume’s retailer-focused, all-in-one sales platform – billed as a revolutionary retail sales system designed for floor dealers, connecting online website technology with the in-store experience.

The goal of the new platform is simple: to provide consumers with a better shopping experience and streamline the entire sales process for dealers. “We finally have the ability to provide consumers with a fully integrated experience, and retailers finally have the ability to automate, digitize and streamline their sales process,” said Todd Saunders, CEO of Broadlume.

The new sales system includes digital technology such as custom websites, advertising, lead tracking and management, inventory ordering and much more. But while Broadlume’s powerful technology tools have been making a name for themselves in the industry in recent years, it’s the new shopping experience that’s taking the show’s attention. For its first time in floors, the company said, consumers can start their journey online and track it directly in-store, where Broadlume’s sales system and advanced visualization tools can help consumers continue their journey.

“We’ve heard from many dealers that consumers have a great experience online, but it doesn’t match what’s in their showroom,” says Saunders. FCNews. “We realized that the platform doesn’t stop with the technology; it extends into the store.”

To deliver the groundbreaking launch, Broadlume has made several strategic acquisitions over the years, each adding a piece to the puzzle. Those acquisitions include FloorForce, Creating Your Space, Freetail, Retail Lead Management and, most recently, RollMaster. Leaders from each group attended to discuss the new platform and the goal of taking the flooring industry into the future.

(For more information about the new platform and the FloorCon event, see the November 22/29 print edition of FCNews.)

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