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Broadlume CEO Todd Saunders announced the acquisition of RollMaster at the FloorCon 2021 event.

Sarasota, Florida – At the FloorCon 2021 event held here, Broadlume announced the acquisition of RollMaster, a floor-specific software company. The addition of RollMaster is the latest in a series of acquisitions that have cemented the company’s commitment to the flooring industry, including FloorForce, Creating Your Space, Freetail and Retail Lead Management.

That commitment has resulted in the launch of Broadlume’s all-in-one platform (see full story about the revolutionary launch in the November 22/29 issue of FCNews), which will now include RollMaster’s cloud-based ERP system. “From an ad click to a click on your website, to product visualization, to the lead entering your CRM, as a retailer we know you need to do all these things, but we also know you need to check inventory, order material and jot down a perfect journal entry,” explains Broadlume CEO Todd Saunders. “We heard you loud and clear.”

Patrick Ferries, COO of RollMaster, noted that while RollMaster had its own lofty goals to take the software side of the flooring industry to the next level, Broadlume will help the company achieve that goal faster and more efficiently. “This industry has had a lot of software that didn’t work together for years: ERP systems and apps that worked in silos,” he explains. “For several years we just tried to extend our API and it was great for dealers who had the technical know-how to integrate systems, but that was a small percentage. This is where Broadlume comes in. They shared their vision for an all-in-one tech ecosystem. They said, “Dealers deserve systems that work seamlessly together.” I knew RollMaster had to be a part of that. Now you can have it all: the best websites in the business, married to the best visualization in the business, married to the best ERP in the business.”

Patrick Ferries, COO of RollMaster, explained that following the acquisition, users of the Broadlume all-in-one platform will now have the ability to track their digital marketing ROI.

In addition to a seamless sales system, the ability to track and analyze a company’s ROI in digital marketing is another key advancement associated with the RollMaster acquisition. Jason Goldberg, owner of America’s Floor Source and a speaker at the event, explained, “Whether you’re a dealer doing your own marketing or a manufacturer marketing your product, this is the flooring industry’s first time that you to monitor your marketing and see exactly what the consumer is buying. This is game-changing.”

Ferries added that current RollMaster customers should not expect much change in their use of the RollMaster software, but there will be upgrades and new features as the system is integrated into the Broadlume all-in-one platform. For users of other software programs who want to get on board with the Broadlume platform, Ferries said in-depth consultations will be available, along with extensive training initiatives.

(See the November 22/29 print edition of FCNews for more details on the event.)

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