Boston’s Drinking Water Complies With State and Federal Standards According to MWRA Report – Mission Hill Gazette

The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) has begun sending its annual water quality report to every household in the service area.

In the report published online, the MWRA includes statistics on the quality of drinking water in Boston, which meets state and federal standards according to the Boston Water and Sewer Commission (BWSC).

“This report includes an annual update on the quality of drinking water supplied in conjunction with the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA),” the BWSC said in a statement. “The water provided is of high quality and meets federal and state quality standards. While the world is embroiled in a battle with the coronavirus, BWSC and MWRA want to ensure that the water supplied is safe from the virus. BWSC has continued to maintain excellent drinking water by investing millions of dollars to upgrade its infrastructure.”

The report says BWSC has received another citation from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) recognizing BWSC’s consistent performance in the public drinking water system.

With the Flint water crisis raising awareness of lead in tap water, the water supplied by BWSC and the MWRA is lead-free when it leaves the reservoirs.

“However, the lead present in water can come from the service line that feeds your building, private pipes, lead solder, or old plumbing fixtures,” the statement continues. “We care about lead because babies and children who contain more lead than the action level may experience delays in their physical or mental development. Children may show slight deficits in attention span and learning ability. Adults who drink this water for years can develop kidney problems or high blood pressure.”

According to the BWSC’s 2020 Lead Sampling of Higher Risk Homes report, the lead results were 25.2 parts per billion (ppb), with 5 samples above the lead action level of 15 ppb, while the copper results of 137 ppb were well below the action level of 1300. layers. ppb.

“During our spring 2021 sampling, our leading results of 6.8 ppb were back below the action level of 15 ppb,” BWSC said in the report.

BWSC offers a lead replacement incentive program to qualified homeowners to remove private lead pipes. More information can be found in this report and at

“This report brings you the results of our annual water quality tests. Although 2020 was a year full of uncertainty, one thing remained constant: the quality of your drinking water was excellent,” said Fred Laskey, Executive Director of MWRA. “MWRA conducts hundreds of thousands of tests each year, and by 2020 we are again meeting all federal and state drinking water standards.”

Laskey said the MWRA also wants its customers to know that their water was again named “Best of the Best” in a national taste test conducted by the American Water Works Association. “In just a few years, our water treatment has been upgraded from chlorine, with its taste and odor problems, to ozone and ultraviolet light, resulting in better tasting, safer water,” Laskey said.

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