BlueWave Solar partners with Ciel & Terre subsidiary to expand Northeast ‘floatovoltaic’ development

Northeast based solar developer BlueWave Solar Energy has entered into a joint venture with Multitricity, a company from Heaven Earth, a pioneer in floating solar, for future projects in Massachusetts with a view to expanding into the Northeast region.

Credit: Laketricity

BlueWave Solar is Laketricity’s first partner in New England and marks the developer’s entry into the ‘floatovoltaics’ space.

“We are excited to partner with the world’s leading provider of floatovoltaics to bring floatovoltaics to New England,” said John DeVillars, co-founder and chairman of BlueWave Solar. “BlueWave is a pioneer in dual-use agrivoltaics and sets high ecological standards for sustainable development and land management. Partnering with Laketricity is another step in our effort to partner with those who share our core values ​​of environmental protection.”

Floating solar panels meet a global need to efficiently produce clean energy that also saves common greenland. Building on artificial ponds and reservoirs addresses land-use issues and reduces disruption to a region’s terrestrial habitats, while lowering energy costs and providing clean energy to local businesses and residents.

“Partnering with BlueWave is a perfect fit for Laketricity as we combine the respective strengths and experience of our teams to develop a sizable portfolio of floating solar projects in New England,” said Alexis Gaveau, Ciel & Terre CEO and President of Laketricity USA, Inc. “Our joint venture accelerates the deployment of smart solutions to positively integrate renewable energy into the local environment. We look forward to implementing these projects in collaboration with such a local expert who shares our human and environmental values ​​and expands the scope of our joint venture in the coming years.”

Ciel & Terre has installed more than 230 float-voltaic projects worldwide, and 21 projects specifically in the United States totaling 162 MW.

News item from BlueWave Solar

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