Bideford plumbing company appoints first female apprentice

365 Plumbing of Bideford has announced the appointment of Jodie Dixon as their first female apprentice plumber.

Jodie will undergo an extensive training program under the mentorship of entrepreneur Michael Paine to achieve National WaterSafe accreditation.

Less than 1% of plumbers in the UK are women. In a recent UK survey by WaterSafe, nearly a third (31%) of women said they would prefer a female plumber to do work on their home. The reasons cited include feeling more secure with a woman (37%), feeling that they will not be scammed by a woman (12%), relying more on a woman’s advice than a man (10%) and the probability that a woman would. do not patronize them (10%). Nearly two-thirds of those surveyed thought it was time to break traditional stereotypes and would like more women to use sanitary ware.

“I’m delighted to have Jodie on board,” confirms Michael Paine, owner, 365 Plumbing. “She is extremely talented and a people person. Being a woman should not be a consideration for employers, but facts are facts. Less than 1% of UK plumbers are women! I hope this appointment inspires more women to take up the profession and other employers to take a closer look at the talent pool in north Devon.”

A separate University survey conducted by WaterSafe found that nearly half of all respondents (45%) do not feel that boys and girls have the same career opportunities and more than a third of girls surveyed (36%) believe that boys are more likely to be manual trading reels pushed than them. Unsurprisingly, then, the most popular career choice for girls is office/administration positions (36%), closely followed by jobs in the academic and entertainment sectors.

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“This is an excellent opportunity to learn a trade,” said Jodie Dixon. “After serving in the Royal Navy and working in the NHS Mental Health Services, I wanted a career switch. To see also : Check out these great plumbing tips from our expert. It is almost impossible to find a female plumber working in North Devon. I want to change that.”

365 Plumbing offers a full range of services from repairing a leaking faucet to designing and installing a complete bathroom.

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