BHW Floors sheds reputation as one-trick pony

By Reginald Tucker DThe traders and distributors most familiar with BHW Floors (formerly Bamboo Hardwoods) recall a time in the not-too-distant past when the company specialized in mainly one category: bamboo floors. Fast forward to today and the company has not only been rebranded, but it has expanded its product offering to reflect current hard surface trends.

“We used to be known as a bamboo company, but our product lines have evolved,” said Jason Grant, vice president. “Now we can offer customers SPC products, waterproof SPC/wood hybrids and wide plank hardwoods.”

As a relatively newcomer to some of these highly competitive categories, BHW Floors focuses on developing products that stand out from the crowd. As Grant explained, “With the hybrid products and wide plank wood floors, we’re doing creative things like high-quality reactive stains. And in SPC we are working on some tile products that have a unique grout line instead of the typical deep painted chamfer. These are some of the things that make us unique.”

Stock distributors who carry the entire BHW Floors product range can attest to the appeal of the extensive range. A prime example of this is RA Siegel of Austell, Georgia, a BHW Floors customer who has been a customer for nearly eight years. “Right now we carry both their SPC lines (Sawatch and Evolution) and their wood/SPC hybrid (Harmony),” said Clint Haselhorst, vice president of sales and marketing for the distributor. “And we just launched their purpose-designed hardwood line, Valor, which comes in the wider/longer format with a 4mm veneer.”

In addition, the extensive range of BHW Floors RA Siegel offers a range of products that they can market at different levels. It’s all designed to help retailers hit all the key price points. “Sawatch, for example, is one of our cheapest offerings in a 20-mil SPC, while the Harmony and Valor are mid-to-top end for the other wood categories,” explains Haselhorst. “Harmony, the SPC line with the wood veneer, is a stepping stone from where our base would normally be. We’re hitting the upgrade sales with this line because there aren’t many wood/SPC hybrid products out there.”

Another benefit that Atlanta-based BHW Floors offers distributors in the United States is consistent delivery – something that is hard to come by today, where backlogs in imported shipments are commonplace. “We’re really blessed to have them with us here in Atlanta, so it makes it easy,” noted Haselhorst. “In the world where everything has to be container programmed, it’s nice to have a domestic supplier with good inventory and great customer service.”

BHW Floors can offer all this while keeping costs within limits. “For example, one of the best things about the Harmony line is that you can offer the customer a nice, broad product and still be competitive or cheaper than the traditional wood of the same caliber,” Haselhorst added. “They can be very aggressive about price.”

According to BHW Floors, many of these benefits and advantages are made possible through the alliance with the supplier’s parent company. “One of the things that is essential to working with us is that we are owned by our manufacturer,” Grant said. “We are not just an importer like most companies; we are actually the source.”

Operating under that setup has allowed BHW Floors to continue developing products and programs that offer a better chance of success in a distributor’s local market. “A big part of our business is our private label brands that we offer to distributors,” Grant said. “We are really working more hands-on with our distribution partners to help them solve many of the issues they face.”

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