Beckett House evacuated early Wednesday due to smoke from HVAC unit

Firefighters reported a failure in an HVAC unit that filled the building with smoke

NEW CONCORD – A malfunctioning heating / air conditioning unit at Continuing Healthcare in Beckett House retirement home in New Concord forced the evacuation of some residents early Wednesday. This may interest you : Global HVAC Systems Market Report 2021-2028.

Authorities reported that the facility on Friendship Drive was filled with a large amount of smoke due to the outage and staff evacuated residents just before 3 a.m.

Firefighters from four departments led by the New Concord Fire Department were sent to the scene.

“Upon arrival, there was a large amount of smoke in the building, but after maintenance we determined that there was no active fire,” said Lieutenant Kasey Perkins of the New Concord Fire Department.

“It turned out to be a cooling problem within the HVAC unit in the building.”

According to Perkins, about 20 firefighters from the New Concord, Cassell Station, Perry Township and Cambridge departments responded to the scene.

New Concord and Cambridge divisions sent tower wagons along with engines from Cassell Station and Perry Township divisions.

New Concord firefighters stayed on site for approximately 90 minutes to vent the smoke from the building.

According to the procedure, Beckett House employees immediately carried out a search of the entire building and maintained the safety of all residents behind fire doors, said Robert Perrotta, manager of Becket House.

On the advice of the (Muskingum County) sheriff’s department, some residents were moved to the parking lot until the source was identified. Everything was clear and residents returned to the building.

“No residents were ever in danger,” Perrotta added.

“Everything went smoothly as it should,” said Perkins. “We were glad there was no fire and we were happy with the way everything turned out to be on the spot.”

Perrotta said the cause of the alarm was due to a leak of coolant from the air conditioning system’s main cooling tower.

A transmission log at the Guernsey County Sheriff’s Office indicated that the Cambridge and Cassell Station firefighters had been on the scene for just over an hour.

“Ongoing health care at Beckett House would like to thank the New Concord Fire and Police Departments and the Muskingum County Sheriff’s Department for their prompt response and assistance,” Perrotta said.

“We also commend our staff for their exemplary actions and dedication to the facility and its residents.”

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