Arlington police have charged a Boston man with another home improvement scam

This is the second time this week that Arlington police have arrested someone for a home improvement scam.

For the second time this week, Arlington police charged a man with defrauding a resident using a common home improvement scheme. This may interest you : At the Edge of the World, Facing the End of the World.

Jack Clarke, 23, of Boston, was charged with theft by false pretenses over $1,200, malicious destruction of property over $1,200, conspiracy and unauthorized operation of a motor vehicle.

On Saturday, Jan. 14, Arlington police were contacted by a resident who believed he was the victim of a home scam, Arlington police said in a news release Wednesday.

The victim told police that two men, one of whom was later identified as Clarke, quoted him $14,500 to paint his basement. When the men started their work in the victim’s basement, they allegedly destroyed part of the basement foundation and then convinced the victim to pay them $68,000 for repairs, police said.

In this case, the suspects provided the victim with what appeared to be a business contract. Fake business contracts can help fraudsters look like a legitimate business, police said.

The victim ultimately wrote several checks for a portion of the full amount. Those checks were allegedly cashed by Clarke, police said.

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