Arizona Tesla Roofing Contractor, Jason Kill of Roofing Solutions & Concepts, Inc. Emphasizes the Value of Tesla’s Solar Solution Despite Recent Price Increase

Arizona’s Roofing Solution & Concepts, Inc., a certified Tesla Solar Roof Installer, discusses the benefits of investing in solar energy.

MESA, AZ / ACCESSWIRE / May 18, 2021 /Arizona’s best rooferJason Kill of Roofing Solutions & Concepts, Inc. is pleased to report that Tesla’s new solar roof and solar panels are getting great response from the general public. When announcing these new systems, homeowners were already looking for potential installations and asking for downtime. Initially, the pricing for these systems was considered an incredible deal. On closer analysis, Tesla has one remarkable price change on some of the first quotes, which raised a few questions from customers.

These new solar energy solutions may involve a price increase, but the value remains true regardless of the price change. It is still a unique investment opportunity that homeowners can recoup over time. When asked, Jason Kill, owner of Roofing Solutions & Concepts, Inc., in Arizona, stated, “Renewable energy is a major driver for homeowners right now and Tesla is changing the way we view energy. We look forward to offering this. our customers use these solar energy solutions to reduce the risks from traditional energy sources. “

The benefits of investing in solar energy

The energy sector is changing, and a sharp focus area for this industry is sustainability with a focus on solar energy. Tesla began offering electric vehicles, a breakthrough technology at the time. Now they are shifting their efforts to bring drivers and homeowners more in line with renewable energy and the principles that go with it. This company is at the forefront of the energy industry because they know that solar is a long-term solution that will benefit their customers in several important ways.

Savings for Homeowners

The main driver for individual solar energy investments for homeowners is without a doubt the savings. These systems give homeowners the opportunity to cut monthly energy costs, qualify for federal tax breaks, and more. Tesla is now offering homeowners a free one Powerwall with every purchase. These systems can store energy, allowing customers to rely on solar energy even at night or during power outages. This completely reduces the need for the energy grid, completely eliminating energy costs in some situations.

In addition to overall savings on electricity-related expenses, Tesla is further incentivising homeowners to invest in their systems with cost-cutting opportunities. These savings, and the savings associated with an electricity bill, can be calculated to monetize the value of this investment for potential customers by using their online tool.

Sustainability made easy

Tesla’s solar roof and solar panels are the perfect way for homeowners to move towards sustainability. This investment is a simple way to drastically reduce a household’s carbon footprint without the apparent need for lifestyle changes. Swapping energy from the electricity grid for a renewable and sustainable alternative can have a major impact on the future of our planet.

Designer stylings

Modern solar panels are known to be a bit annoying and can make customers flinch. The new Tesla solar options are made with the same sleek and attractive design that Tesla has demonstrated with their vehicles. The solar panels are smooth and have a barrier all around which makes them particularly attractive. The solar roof looks like a traditional roof in every way, while still providing the same amount of solar energy to homeowners.

About Jason Kill

Jason Kill is the proud owner of Roofing Solutions & Concepts, Inc., and has been a leading professional in the industry for over 20 years. He has worked in every position the roofing industry has to offer and has a deep technical understanding of his trade, enabling him to bring a wide range of skills to roofing and design.

About Roofing Solutions & Concepts, Inc.

Roofing Solutions & Concepts, Inc., is a company made up of roofers and builders who know how to get results. Their reputation for bringing incredible design to the Arizona locals has earned them recognition within the community. They help homeowners with all of their roofing needs, including asphalt, tile, foam, flat and rolled roof repairs, as well as custom installations. Now they are proud to also offer their customers Tesla’s new solar roof solutions.

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