Arizona Corporation Commission eliminates grid access fee for solar customers

The Arizona Corporation Commission has decided to scrap a decade-old access fee for residential solar customers in Arizona. The grid access fee, imposed by the Arizona Public Service, averaged about $100 per year per solar customer and misdirected solar customers under the guise of costing more to provide them with electricity service.

The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) testified against the charges in October 2020 and December 2020, demonstrating that solar customers paid a fair share of grid costs compared to non-solar customers. In addition, SEIA has been able to demonstrate that APS’s claims about higher service charges for solar customers were unfounded.

“Today, Arizona has cleared an unwarranted and outdated charge that has affected Arizona’s solar economy,” Sara Birmingham, senior director of state policy, West, at SEIA, said in a statement. Nearly a decade ago, the Arizona Corporation Commission imposed an unfair solar access fee after Arizona Public Service stated it cost more money to serve solar customers. SEIA testified at the case and was able to prove that solar Arizona energy customers pay their fair share of grid costs and do not introduce additional charges to other customers.

“We are at a point in our country where we need to focus on deploying more clean energy, and unnecessary utility costs and fees can be a major deterrent to potential solar customers. This change will enhance the benefits of local solar -adoption more fairly and we hope we can expand solar access to even more Arizonans. We commend the Commission for reversing this harmful and discriminatory charge on residential solar customers in Arizona,” she continued.

News item from SEIA

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