American Biltrite launches UltraCeramic Contract

UltraCeramicSherbrooke, Quebec, Canada—American Biltrite introduced three timeless stone designs to UltraCeramic Contract: their new 4mm commercial, fully grouted, composite stone flooring solution that aims to push the boundaries of natural stone’s lifelike appearance and texture.

“The design goal of UltraCeramic Contract was to create a resilient floor with the authentic look and feel of natural stone,” said Catherine del Vecchio, vice president of marketing. “We have applied the best looking stone graphics to a solid construction with a 4mm rigid core instead of the typical 2mm flexible LVT and have created a unique rounded edge (patent pending) on ​​all sides and corners, requiring the tiles to be completely be added.”

According to the company, UltraCeramic Contract is a next-generation engineered stone made for commercial environments with a 4mm rigid core construction protected by a 20mil wear layer. It has a polyurethane surface treatment that is stain resistant and non-porous. The company said this waxless floor is easy to clean and disinfect and will show no signs of tarnishing after frequent disinfection, unlike marble and other natural stones. It offers the elegance of jointed ceramic tiles or natural stone without the inconveniences such as hardness, slip-friction coefficient, noise impact, maintenance and long and expensive installation.

UltraCeramic Contract is installed within 24 hours using a fully dispersed adhesive, ceramic tile spacers and premixed colored grout. According to the company, it is lighter and easier to cut than hard-surface tiles, requires no heavy cutting machines, and is mess-free.

“UltraCeramic Contract can be installed up to three times faster than ceramic and requires no downtime between steps,” said Del Vecchio. “Ease of installation means no ceramic tile/stone installer is required, making it a great solution for an industry with labor shortages,”

UltraCeramic Contract is a smart, durable and decorative solution for businesses, hospitality, multi-family, retail and spaces that require a 100% waterproof floor, the company said.

Available in 12 x 24 tiles, the new collections reflect the latest trends in the hard surfaces category:

  • Urban Slate – Robust and classic, this collection brings a combination of rustic durability and timeless warmth to any room. Available in six natural colors with an unpolished matte finish.
  • Finestone – Chic and elegant, this contemporary collection is available in five delicate shades interwoven with subtle cross-grain faders.
  • Villa Stonewood – This subtle directional visual adds warmth of a look-alike wood visual in a stone construction. Available in four different colorways.

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