Air Repair Pros Discloses Secrets To Cleaner And Safer Indoor Air

Amid the deadly Covid-19 pandemic, the world is stuck in several new-normal routines. It is part of everyday life to stay protected from viruses and bacteria, which are usually transmitted through various media, especially through the air, to ensure the health of yourself and your family. To further balance the clean atmosphere process, Air Repair Pros is an air maintenance and repair company based in Frisco, TX with another branch in McKinney, TX. These aerial experts recently launched REME HALO. It is an effective Air purifier coronavirus to help circulate the fresh air, reducing all chances of airborne viruses.

Indoor air quality is essential for human well-being. Passive air technologies and other Covid-19 filters require pollutants to pass through the unit to purify or filter them. But the REME HALO is unique dust air purifier that sweeps all air pollutants from around the house and actively purifies at the source. It is easier and more effective because it provides a complete cleaning of houses and buildings.

Recent studies on the new technology have shown that it is highly effective against all dust particles and pollutants. According to a report, “The test of the REME HALO® active air purification system revealed a significant neutralization of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the airborne virus in the occupied space, reducing the risk of inhaling particulates and aerosols from person to person. reduced.” In addition, it reduces 99.9% of all germs.

There are many Covid-19 air filters in use today, but the REME HALO stands out as the most efficient, yet manageable Air purifier for allergies for all bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc. It is an active solution that counterbalances the sars-coV-2 in the occupied space, eliminating the need for HVAC system filters or UV air purification systems for the transfer of viral particles. One of its features is an adjustable roof around the REME® cell, allowing for the customization of advanced plasma oxidation output. In addition, it is easy to integrate with the current HVAC system because the device does not occupy the living space and most importantly, it works noise-free!

It can be installed in almost any location as it is available with an HVAC duct system for residential, business and industrial applications. The HALO® in-duct air purifier generates low level hydrogen peroxide in the air which is distributed through the air handling unit through the duct system. From homes, condominiums and apartments and offices to hospitals, clinics, schools, day centers, universities and colleges, it has countless uses for the convenience of providing clean, fresh and pleasant indoor air for everyone. In addition, it will be equipped for gyms, changing rooms, sports centers, veterinary rooms, etc.

Since the risk of Covid-19 is still present, all precautions for a safer environment must be followed. And for that, the REME HALO is the best air purifier. While installing the product is easy, hiring a professional installer such as the Air Repair Pros in Texas, USA has been shown to give better results. The aim is to make optimal use of the dust treatment plants and to mitigate the effects of the pandemic.

About Air Repair Pros

For over two decades, Air Repair Pros has been the premier source of HVAC repair and installation services in North Dallas. Our company is certified by the EPA and a preferred dealer of leading Carrier and Trane products. Most importantly, our experienced, friendly, and rigorous professionals continue to forge valuable relationships with our clients in the cities of Frisco, McKinney, Addison, Hebron, Flower Mound, The Colony and beyond in the state of Texas. We offer unparalleled air conditioning repair, furnace repair, HVAC maintenance and more. Call today to experience the difference.

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