AI Clearing releases new tool for tracking utility-scale solar project progress

While seemingly simple to build, the development of utility-scale solar farms presents several unique challenges. The sheer number of objects installed on large solar farms can make manual monitoring impossible. Some developments may have over a million panels and several hundred thousand posts to install over 16 square miles, making it nearly impossible for anyone to identify problems and stay on track through traditional surveying methods. AI cleanup announced new analytics software to give developers and contractors the information they need to avoid delays and stay on budget.

AI Clearing’s new AI Surveyor platform delivers business intelligence reports based on AI-powered predictive analytics every 24 hours. Bringing together multiple data sources, including GIS, drone data and design information, gives stakeholders a daily update on their progress, productivity and design compliance. Completing the construction of solar farms on time is critical, as the energy generated has often already been sold, meaning any delays in completion could result in significant financial penalties for both the developer and the main contractor.

“The solar energy market is booming right now. Every day we hear from general contractors and developers looking to use our solution while building utility-scale solar farms,” ​​said AI Clearing CTO and co-founder Adam Wisniewski. “Our AI model is trained on data from around the world, so whether it’s the desert of Abu Dhabi or snow in Canada, it can track the progress of your KPIs with 99.98% accuracy.”

News item from AI Clearing

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