AHF Products unveils new tmbr brand

The first collection in AHF Products’ new tmbr brand is Big Sur, an engineered hardwood. La Grande is shown.

Dallas – A new generation of hardwood floors for the next generation of buyers. That’s how AHF Products – which offers the industry some of the industry’s best-known and long-standing brand names – is positioning tmbr, the latest addition to its growing portfolio of hardwood flooring brands.

In keeping with the trend of bringing the beauty of the outdoors into your home, tmbr has been designed specifically for the millennial generation – a cohort that is increasingly important to today’s manufacturers and marketers. “There are somewhere between 80 million and 95 million millennials, who make up about 30% of the population – and they’re going into the years of buying a home,” said Kevin Whaley, vice president of sales, product and marketing at AHF Products-tmbr. Millennials have surpassed the baby boomers with combined purchasing power of $ 1.4 trillion. This will only keep growing. “

According to AHF, authenticity is incredibly important to this generation, and there is nothing more authentic than real hardwood. Recently, the concept of bringing the outdoors in has gained a foothold with the design community and millennials alike as the demand for a home in harmony with nature has increased. Using hardwood floors in a room is an easy way to bring nature in and create a home experience that is truly inspiring.

That’s why AHF said tmbr’s unique visuals are inspired by some of the world’s most naturally beautiful destinations. The colors and textures of the collection are created to show the natural beauty of the wood used to make the floor real, simple and natural. The first collection to launch this spring is Big Sur, a custom designed hardwood collection of white oak and hickory in impressive 7 ½ ”wide planks and 10 colors. Inspired by the region’s Pacific coast and a picturesque blend of lush, rugged coastline, the combination of textures and colors in a low-gloss finish has been designed to provide an inspiring design palette.

Millennials are looking for places like California’s Big Sur to reconnect with their love of nature, reinvigorate creativity, escape the daily grind and become captivated by the natural beauty and allure of the great outdoors, ”said Jaimie Hooper, Marketing Director, tmbr. “With tmbr, they can revive their home with the same sense of mystery, magic and beauty, capturing a little bit of the outdoor experience every day. “

AHF Products distributors who got a taste of the new tmbr line said they like what they see. “Tmbr is very attractive in that everything was ready to go from the start,” said Scott Bertram, vice president of sales, BR Funsten & Co. “The features and specifications of the product are truly stunning; the natural look, although moderately clean, and the wider west coast breadth is a big key in achieving what is trending in the market right now. In a sea of ​​equality tmbr stands out for its fully realized program from the start. “

The first adapters from tmbr include Bolt Farm Treehouse, a millennial lifestyle couple with highly sought after B&B houses offering a nature-filled travel experience. “We are proud to present tmbr floors in our latest designs,” said Tori Bolt, co-owner of Bolt Tree Farmhouse. “We chose tmbr because the high-quality product not only offers a premium aesthetic to match our luxurious designs, but there is also so much detail and intent in this nature-inspired brand. We feel deeply connected to tmbr as the brand, like ours, artfully shows the natural beauty of the outdoors. “

Socially minded

According to AHF Products, tmbr is the ideal flooring solution for the millennial homeowner who wants to invest in brands that consciously try to do good in the world by giving back to charities that support nature-based programs. Among the partners tmbr works with include the Arbor Day Foundation, the largest 501 (c) 3 non-profit membership organization dedicated to planting trees. More than a million members, supporters and valued partners have helped plant more than 350 million trees around the world to ensure a greener and healthier future.

Supporting tmbr’s local independent retailers is just as important as supporting environmental responsibility. IndependentWeStand inspires small businesses to celebrate their local roots and helps consumers understand why it is important to support them. Tmbr has joined as a sponsor and has organized a membership program for all its dealers.

“What really sets you apart is that your business is locally owned,” said Bill Brunelle, co-founder of IndependentWeStand. “And that’s where IndependentWeStand can help. We help other small businesses celebrate their local roots and help them respond to America’s ever-growing desire to buy locally. “

Tmbr dealers automatically become a “premium” member. To help small businesses differentiate themselves from the big boxes and national chains, IndependentWeStand has developed a range of learning tools, marketing materials and other resources that floor coverers can use to understand the importance of and promote local businesses.

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