ACI and Price Industries Team Up to Discuss Their Basis of Design Commitment

SEATTLE, June 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ACI Mechanical & HVAC Sales recently teamed up with HVAC industry leader Price Industries to release a new video on how their partnership benefits Pacific Northwest engineers in identifying smart HVAC systems. state and local energy code solutions.

As Brian Wolford, Vice President of Engineering at ACI, and Keith Glach, President of ACI, outline in short video: Price Industries’ design foundation is a cornerstone for building workable solutions for each building’s unique heating, ventilation and air conditioning requirements.

“We were honored to partner with Price Industries to share our pride in bringing their products to market,” says Keith Glach. “Because we share their bold, forward-thinking approach and enthusiasm in introducing new, innovative products that MEP engineers can count on.”

Product performance is an integral part of the equation, which is why ACI chooses to represent Price Industries in the market. Price Industries’ investment in labs to test products and ensure their performance is unmatched.

“Price Industries is recognized as a leader in the advancement of HVAC solutions because they are invested in every aspect of research and development,” explains Brian Wolford. “This commitment to R&D leads to forward-thinking products that meet and exceed the requirements of our local codes.”

The video illustrates how their shared interest in transparency benefits local engineers and the construction industry in general. Together, ACI and Price Industries share a deep understanding, a commitment to quality and a level of integrity that exceeds industry standards and instills confidence in their dedicated customers.

To watch the video, go to:

As an exclusive supplier to Price Industries in the Great Northwest, ACI is an invested partner and ally working with local leaders who rely on precision products that enhance their ability to deliver innovative, energy-efficient HVAC solutions to office towers, apartment complexes, medical units, theaters, shopping centers , universities and government buildings everywhere Northern Idaho, Washington and Oregon.

SOURCE ACI Mechanical Sales

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