2022 trends to watch in solar energy

By Glenn Jakins, CEO of Humless

With the consumer cost of solar energy falling and installations increasing, everyone is harnessing the sun. This past fall, a record number of systems were installed on American homes. Solar energy has proven to be efficient, sustainable and sustainable.

What does the future look like? In 2022, solar is about to take over even more market share, but before solar can deliver on its promise to bring clean, sustainable energy to the masses, there is more work to be done. We need to push the boundaries of what is possible with greater range and better storage solutions. With that in mind, here are a few predictions for the evolution of solar energy in the coming year.

Credit: Standard Solar

We see more demand for off-grid installations. Micro grids have become increasingly popular with residential customers in recent years, but these types of standalone power plants are making their way into the commercial sector.

As natural disasters increase, energy becomes more expensive and the electricity grid in several countries becomes more vulnerable to cyber-attacks and general atrophy, more and more companies will take advantage of the freedom to manage their own electricity source.

Of course, a real microgrid is a significant investment, so it must be economically justifiable for companies to spend that capital. Factories have been using microgrid technology for years to ensure production is not interrupted. Farms, hotels, car dealerships and other industries that pay high in energy costs are the next likely candidates to make the switch.

Credit: Humless

The biggest obstacle to the universal adoption of solar energy is reliable, affordable storage solutions. The major players in the solar energy sector know this and are adapting their business models accordingly. Instead of just offering panels and inverters, more and more companies are offering the corresponding storage.

This is good news for the field as a whole, as it means more dollars being invested in storage research and development. This will almost certainly lead to smarter, more robust solutions to the problem of long-term solar energy storage.

As in other industries that have moved to a unified trading model, merging all aspects of solar installations into one company will reduce costs and simplify the process for consumers. Streamlined solutions can also help hesitant customers understand the value of solar energy.

The future of solar energy undoubtedly lies in systems that are viable regardless of the weather or time of day. This requires long-term battery storage. Huge strides have been made in solar energy storage, and with so much focus in this area, there are sure to be more breakthroughs soon.

Expect an evolution of chemical storage, with new ideas and types taking over the market. Solid state storage is also likely to become more mainstream. New technologies that have been in development for years are starting to pop up and many more contenders will soon be entering the arena.

Solar energy isn’t the only industry focused on efficient storage. We see conventional equipment that has used lead-acid batteries in the past moving to more modern methods like lithium. The volume of forklifts, construction equipment and other machines requiring new storage technologies should accelerate development and reduce costs.

We need a strong solar energy market to meet the rapidly increasing demand for electricity around the world. Solar energy is versatile, universally available, increasingly affordable, clean and sustainable. As we enter a new year, let’s all look forward to strong partnerships leading to the development of new technologies and strengthening the advocacy of solar energy.

Glenn Jakins is a serial entrepreneur with a multi-decade track record of turning creative ideas into successful products that change lives. With a strong background in logistics and operations, he has helped launch multiple 8-figure companies and helped grow tens of millions of dollars in sales for many more. Currently, Glenn, among other investment firms, heads Humless as CEO, a pioneer in reliable energy systems based on clean energy sources.

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